Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Day Late . . .

Well, I missed writing in my blog yesterday, and it was Halloween which should have been a thrilling blog, indeed. Except I was so dog tired that I couldn't write and still keep my eyes open. And that was what I thought at noon, so imagine me seven hours later . . . not a pretty picture, I promise.

But, here I am today! My mother-in-law and her two sisters have been visiting us for the past four days. It was so pleasant to have a child to adult ratio that was in MY favor, for once. We went to the zoo, we had a Halloween party, and they took my oldest to the park every day, and I felt completely stress-free the entire time. Well, not really. The Halloween party was still pretty stressful, but not as stressful as it would have been without "the ladies" (as my husband calls them).

I was so dog tired that I even managed to convince my four-year old that the best part of Halloween evening is handing out candy to all the neighborhood kids. She totally bought it. And, lest you think I am cruel, let me just point out that we have already: participated in the Halloween party at the kids' preschool (2 bags full of candy), trunk or treated with our church (2 bags full of candy), went trick or treating at the zoo (6 bags full of candy, because "the ladies" also joined in the fun), and we had the snack bags from our Halloween party (exquisitely decorated sugar cookies, and 2 bags full of candy). So, I've done my part in ensuring a sugar high that will last clear until Thanksgiving and beyond.

The best part about that is that I didn't even hand out the candy. I just laid on the floor and looked helplessly exhausted and my mother-in-law took pity on me and handed out candy with Veevs. The little boys went to bed at 7:00, so they didn't even know what they were missing. And now we're done! Hooray for Halloween, and double hooray for "the ladies"!

(I do feel obliged to disclose that "exquisitely decorated" may be a little bit of hyperbole. Because, really, we just slapped different colors of frosting on them and then went to town with sprinkles and candy corn and pumpkins, etc. I don't think Martha Stewart will be asking me to join her design team any time soon.)


Matt, Karin and Sienna said...

I love reading your blog - you know that... but I want to see pictures of your kids!! :) Sounds like you had a good week. We were chilling with the Elders last night since they aren't really allowed out on Halloween.

Leisha said...

Wow, and I thought 2 1/2 bags of candy was a motherload! Sounds like you guys had a fun Halloween!