Wednesday, April 30, 2014

You guys!

So, it's been awhile.  That's okay.  I actually think it's been like a year. 

It would be nice if I could say that in that year I've cured cancer, written a book, or you know, become a better person.  I think it's safe to say that nope, I'm still over here, doing my thing (or reading a book when "doing my thing" gets too exhausting). 

Anyway, things are good here.  Alabama has been experiencing some severe weather lately, which I slept through in its entirety.  I felt a little guilty when I woke up the next morning and everyone had Facebook posts about spending the night in their closet, wearing bicycle helmets, and convulsively watching the news.  But in the end, who's the real winner?  Me, because I got like three more hours of sleep than everyone else, and I'm still here.

We were supposed to have a second round of horrible storms, and they sent my kids home early from school so that we could, in theory, all die together.  But that storm system never really happened, so it was like a surprise half day that reminded mothers everywhere (in Alabama) that summer is to be feared.  By 6:30, I seriously was like, "Isn't it bedtime?  Didn't I feed you like four hours ago?"  It was a long day, is what I'm saying. We were together, but we didn't die.  I guess that's another win!

We are spending a lot of time at the soccer fields, at the baseball diamond, at the gymnastics center.  This is because, in an attempt to simplify, I told all my kids that they had to pick ONE sport or activity only.  You guys, I don't know why I even bother with this simplify philosophy, because anyone with five kids knows exactly what happened.  They all picked different sports.  Basically my schedule is exactly the same, but instead of dropping off three or four kids at each venue, I drop off one and wait with four in the car or on the sideline.  It's not quite what I intended.

Some of the things I did intend (and am super proud of):  Veevs came home from school upset as could be because kids in her school were making fun of gay people.  She was honestly horrified that people could be that mean.  Although she is very shy (clearly, not from me), she stood up and told them that she thought everyone deserved to be treated nicely. 

Spe got called for interference at one of his baseball games because he was trying to pat the arm of everyone who rounded first base and tell them good hit!  nice job!  He has been doing this all year long, but we had to explain it's fine to do that when people STOP on the base, but if they are running to second, it's not nice it's interference. 

Jakers has discovered the joy of The Boxcar Children series, which brings me so much joy I could just cry.  We talk ad nauseum about Benny's hijinks, Violet's gentle ways, Henry's work ethic, and Jessie's resourcefulness.  I wouldn't be me if we also didn't talk about the gender role issues in those books, so we do that too.  I swear, there's nothing nicer for me than to stumble across my kids reading. 

Logan and Cubby are generally delightful in the way that four- and two-year olds are delightful.  And what I mean is, I play a lot of Sleeping Queens with Logan, and I clean up a lot after Cubby.

You guys, how can a whole year have passed?