Monday, November 5, 2007

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Nancy Drew

Seriously, Nancy Drew rocked. That girl had some serious skills. Pretty much every useless tidbit of information that I know, you can find embedded in one of the Nancy Drew novels. I read every single one of the old ones, and almost every one of the new ones. I remember when I was in first grade, my teacher gave me Mystery of Crocodile Island as a "graduation" present. Thus my passion for Nancy was bound up in my phobia of crocodiles. Hmmm.

One of the things I love most about Nancy is that she is so talented. For example, she knows judo! She also knows how to ski! And tapdance! And sing! And pick locks! And parachute! I could go on all day, but take my word for it, she's got game.

Seriously, my childhood would have been totally incomplete without Nancy. It's because of Nancy that I know what the word "titian" means (she's always described in the old ones as the "titian-haired teenager"--she has red hair, people!). It's because of Nancy that I know that some of the natives in South America have extraordinary eyesight (The Clue in the Crossword Cipher). It's because of Nancy that I know what a kachina doll is (The Kachina Doll Mystery). I mean, I've got a lot of information rattling around in my brain thanks to Nancy.

Nancy also has the best boyfriend on the planet: Ned Nickerson. Her best friends, George and Bess (who are coincidentally cousins) also have boyfriends (Burt and Dave) but no one will ever compare with Ned Nickerson in my mind. Forget Edward Cullen, people. Ned Nickerson is the real deal. He's seriously supportive of Nancy's "sleuthing" and travels all over the world to be with her (Emerson College, which he attends, must have some pretty liberal vacation time), and he always goes along with her schemes.

If I ever get in a tricky situation, I know just want to do, thanks to Nancy. Here's the rundown: if someone ties you up, make sure you flex your wrist muscles while they're tying--this will loosen the bonds when you relax, making it much easier to escape. If someone is pointing a gun at you, keep them talking until either: a) help arrives(usually in the form of Ned Nickerson--sigh!), or b) you can judo kick the gun out of their hand. It's win/win. If you are ever mixed up in a ring of jewel thieves, make sure you get a bunch of fake jewels to carry around in your pocket. You never know when they'll come in handy!

What books shaped your childhood?


Leisha said...

Encyclopedia Brown, All Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume books...etc. I somehow missed the Nancy Drew series alltogether? Clearly, I was a neglected kid. Think it's too late to catch up?

Amy said...

I loved all the Judy Blume books and the gymnast series...and babysitter club...mostly I was forced to read in the corner for punishment so I pretty much don't rread anything but blogs:)

David & Amanda said...

Hey Heidi! It's been so long! I love your Blog and you have such an adorable little family! I'm so glad now that we can keep in touch! :)

Janene said...

Sweet Valley Twins (of course). I naturally was similar to Jessica and Janae was Elizabeth. I really think they shaped who we are today--yep, super cool.

Jen said...

I totally did well on the ACT because I read a million Nancy Drew books in elementary. It helped my vocab and comprehension skills.

I also cried through a whole box of tissues when I read (abridged) Les Miserable. And I just love The Count of Monte Cristo and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Allie said...

Love this post! When I was six years old, my mom found her old collection of Nancy Drew books (yes, the titian ones!) and I didn't stop reading until I'd finished them all. I'm so glad I got to read the old ones - they have such charm. Now I own the collection and treasure it.
Also, you're totally right about Ned Nickerson. Best. Boyfriend. Ever.

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