Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh to be young again . . .

Am I the only one who still isn't adjusted to Daylight Savings Time? I still find myself saying, "Oh, the clock says it's 7:00, that means it's really 8:00." How long is this transition going to take?

Before I had children, I cherished daylight savings. I mean, what's better than suddenly gaining a full hour of sleep? (True, they take it away in the spring, but I prefer to focus on the giving nature of daylight savings.) It was like a dream come true.

But now, with three kids, daylight savings is killing me slowly. They somehow missed the memo that we sleep an hour longer. So, they are getting up at all sorts of ungodly hours (well, the hours make me ungodly, anyway).

Maybe I'd better hold off on the transition. Because right now, me thinking, "Hmm . . so it's really 6:30 in the morning," is the only thing that's keeping me from having a total temper tantrum with my kids. That, and the fact that I'm looking forward to spring when my kids will sleep in later than they should.

Oh, how things change with perspective . . .

This is how Spe and I feel every morning now that daylight savings has taken effect. I'm quite confident I'm seven months pregnant in this photo (oh, all right, I was only six months!), so don't hold it against me, please. Plus, I didn't do my hair. Plus, I'm wearing one of Rhett's t-shirts. Oh, I'm just homely, okay?


Leisha said...

I love daylight savings in the mornings (more time to eat breakfast), I just hate it in the evenings. I just keep looking at the clock thinking "a month ago Jared would have been home already!"

That picture is adorable...Spencer is my little buddy in nursery. Just love that little guy!

Valerie said...

I'm with you about the kids getting up too early. It's pure torture.

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Gah -you're 7 mos pregnant AND wearing your Hubby's t-shirt AND you didn't do your hair? You look pretty good!!

Personally? I think DST is stupid. It messes with me every time it changes.

Jen said...

I like it because my daughter goes to bed at 9 pm rather than 10 pm (though she still stays up talking to herself for an hour after I put her down. helpful hints would be appreciated.)