Thursday, August 14, 2014

We have moved.  Quite frankly, it is making my eyelids twitch a little bit, but I'm trying to be very chill and cool and not a basketcase about it.

Because here's the thing:  Montgomery, although in many respects, is the armpit of the United States, is also my favorite place we have ever lived.  And you guys, I miss it so much!  Our neighborhood was delightful:  full of young families and kids for my kids to play with.  I miss my friends. 

However, here we are.  We've moved to Atlanta, where the commute is making Rhett's eyelids twitch (a lot) and we are living (again) in the Residence Inn.  Remember how I complained when we moved to Montgomery about living in the Residence Inn with four kids?  Add another kid and a dog, and it just gets better.  Actually, I'm not pregnant and sick this time, so it actually is SO MUCH BETTER. 

I got Spe and Jakers in school (about 25 minutes away) in the neighborhood we will be moving to, I enrolled Logan in his Pre-K (that is in theory, free, because of the Georgia lottery, but in reality, costs me $150/month for lunch), and I am homeschooling Veevs through the junior high years.  Additionally, I'm studying for the GRE so that I can head back to school (again). 

Rhett and I have never bought an existing house before (we prefer the cold sterility and blank canvas of new construction), but this market is a little different, so we are buying a 20-year old house.  I have never had more stress in my life than from buying this home.  It's like SO complicated, and you have to do everything ASAP.   Fortunately, Rhett does a lot of the paperwork, and I deal with people.  If you know Rhett and I, that makes perfect sense.

(One time, I invited a group of family friends over for a dessert extravaganza.  It was super fun, and everyone was visiting and eating and you know, socializing, in the way that people do when they are together.  I looked around for Rhett and couldn't find him anywhere.  Eventually, I found him, huddled in front of the TV watching sports highlights.  When I scolded him for abandoning "our" guests, he looked rather pitiful and said, "It's just so much chaos and so many people!"  I'm not saying I didn't make him go downstairs to socialize, because I did, but I did feel a little sorry for him.  For like a half-second.)

Anyway, our new house is going to need a little bit of updating.  I like it, oh, I like it!  It's going to have plenty of room for our family and it's in a nice neighborhood with great schools.  But, there are some parts of it that are just, really really really dated.  Rhett and I both have a number of projects lined up.  Because I'm kind of lazy, mine are mostly things like:  Call someone to install a new countertop, Find someone to remove the koi pond; while Rhett's are more along the lines of "Repaint the entire house, Dig a perimeter around the entire yard to install an invisible dog fence."  It's pretty much an equality-fest over here.