Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Quirk Edition

Sue (Oh-my-blogging-genius-Sue! Can I even tell you how flattered I am that she even knows my name?) tagged me for six quirky things about me. Only SIX?

And while Sue's husband tactfully said that he couldn't think of any specifics when she asked for his input, Rhett was only too happy to elaborate on my quirkiness. I think he's getting his revenge for the post I wrote about how weird he is.

1) I believe that my destiny in life is to be quadriplegic. I think it started because when I was in high school I read a book about a skier who became paralyzed and then triumphantly, nobly, courageously rebuilt her life. I'm pretty certain that I would be just as triumphant and that everyone would want me to come and speak to their youth groups about positive attitudes. I'm so certain of it that sometimes when Rhett gets home from work, I'll be laying in my bed playing "Quaddie" (I know, I'm horribly insensitive. My apologies.). I lay perfectly still and order Rhett around. He'll take off my makeup for me, he'll scratch my nose, and he'll even feed me. When he protests, I guilt him into playing along by saying, "Are you going to say no when I'm really a quadriplegic?" By the way, it's really hard to lay still for very long.

2) Rhett wants me to make sure that you know that the piles of clothes, books, and used tissues (I have a cold!) by my bed are completely mine. He doesn't have piles, primarily because he is a robot. No, actually it's because he picks up after himself. I toss things into one big pile and then about once every week or two I straighten everything up. Rhett also wants me to make sure that you know that I only clean up the piles after he reminds me about four times. I told him that I didn't think this was quirky, but rather normal for a mom with three kids four and under. Am I wrong?

3) Have you ever heard of Couples? If you missed out on this piece of 1980s serialized teenage romantic fiction, which featured titles such as Alone Together, Fire and Ice, and Made for Each Other, well, you really missed out. I'm obsessed (so are my sisters, which makes it totally acceptable). My sister found the whole series on eBay (shocker that someone was willing to part with them, I know), and we still read them to this day. Voraciously. And maybe we discuss the people in the books as if they were real and personal friends instead of flat, fictional characters. Just for the record, I'm Emily (the fun, flirtatious problem-solver) and Rhett is Scott (the ambitious sweetheart hunk who Emily falls for). And no, that's not wishful thinking. That's just reality.

4) I'm a Democrat. I'm also a Mormon. I realize this isn't that quirky, since there are literally millions of Democrats out there, and like ten Mormon Democrats, but not many people know this about me. I'm kind of a closet Democrat, if you will. Not because I'm ashamed of my politics, but because I'm a peaceful person at heart and everyone always tries to pick fights with me about politics. And yes, I'm voting for Barrack in '08. (My mother probably just choked on her own saliva when she read "peaceful" and "me" in the same sentence. Quick, Mom! Run to Dad and do the international sign for choking!)

5) When I sing the graduation song (Duh duh duh dun duuuh dunnnnh) it somehow turns into Whitney Houston's "Give Me One Moment in Time". It seems to happen after the second round of duhs, but I can't be certain. Really, I think it's kind of an improvement on an old favorite. It kind of spices things up a little bit.

6) Rhett wants you to know that I suck at driving. Which is, quite frankly, unfair, as he is the one who once received a reckless driving ticket for going 103 mph, not me. But he insists that I tell you that I maybe sort of have driven over the parking island in a shopping center and scraped the bottom of the car up. Not just once, but twice.
I still say reckless driving is worse.

Now that I've finished this up, Rhett's come up with several more options. Like my "feeding fight or flight instinct" (his words not mine), my love affair with Kenny Rogers, or my propensity to never actually take my cell phone anywhere with me.

But those will have to wait for another day. I tag Lindsey, Katie, and Katie.


Amy said...

I love the quaddie thing and I really only thought that mormons could be republican....naive I tell ya naive I am! I would never pick on you though cause I hate to be picked on for being mormon.

anywho...always fun to get to know you more!

Jen said...

Well, if there are only ten of you Democrats, I feel cool, because you are the third one I've met. Only seven more to go!

I almost joined the college Democrats while in school, but the Republicans emailed me quicker, so I jumped on their wagon for awhile.

Jordan & Lindsey Ohlson said...

Jordy and I are totally like Chris and Ted. I am the super achiever student body hot goddess like Chris and Jordan is totally the star quarterback that helps to mellow me out when my red bossy personality rears it's nasty face! J/k we are far from that couple... more like Peter and Lisa!

monkie mama said...

LOL! First of all, the quad thing is too funny ~ Who'd a thunk playing the handicapped card when you're not actually handicapped would work? Does it work for premium parking spaces too? "But officer, I intend to be a quadriplegic someday!"

The piles? I'm right there with you girl! I'm a piler too~ we should start a club. It certainly couldn't compete with the tingling touches club, but I bet we could get members. We just have to serve chocolate somethings and they'd flock. (Cause aren't pilers also choc-o-holics?)

The couples series sounds like just my cup of tea. I'll have to see if they have it at the Biblioteca (no, I don't speak spanish, but don't I sound all bi-lingual here?). It sounds to me like you and Rhett have one of those angsty can't-live-with-you, can't-live-without-you relationships. Good luck with that-they always work out in the romance novels so you should be good to go.

You're going to have to explain the "feeding fight or flight instinct".

Valerie said...

Wow, surprised about the whole Democrat thing. As if being Mormon wasn't enough? Now you are really ostracizing yourself.

Bob said...

I'm surprised by the democrat thing. I understand why some people think the party is "peaceful" but I guess it's just the way you view things. I believe in peace through strength. I am shocked about being an Obama supporter. I could never support someone with a 0% rating from National Right to Life and who suppports partial birth abortion but then again Hillary is the same.

Otherwise, my wife thinks I'm a terrible driver as well. I think I'm a good driver but she keeps saying I'm getting worse with age-I hope she is referring to my driving!:)

Leisha said...

Okay. That first thing really floored me. For, oh about 2 years, I was convinced I was destined to be a quadraplegic. I won't go into my quirky reasonings, but it started with reading Christopher Reeve's book.

I think you should start a Mormon Democrat support group...there are more of them out there than you think! Read one of CJane's friend's Azucar's blog for starters.

bill, katie, and co. said...

Did it! Fulfilled the quirkey tag thing on my blog.

Jen said...

You're super funny! I love that you're a closeted demo, and an Obama Mama on top of that (I am precinct captain for our caucuses this Saturday). Also, I think I can introduce you to the other 9 Mormon democrats...I have a ton of "Mormocrat" friends from college!

-Jenny D

JustRandi said...

Oh, that quadriplegic thing is funny beyond words. The thought never even occurred to me to be afraid of that. And to get your husband to play along? Genius!

Claire said...

Playing quaddie... HAHAHAHAHA... seriously - your posts need to come with a warning. My pelvic floor hasn't returned to full functioning form yet, so I have to be careful reading stuff like that. Too funny.

Claire said...

Really - I had to come back to this post and read it again. It's just so funny. It was the after dinner discussion today at my parent's house. I'm still laughing at it. Hilarious. Quaddie... HAHAHAHA