Thursday, February 7, 2008


Veevs and I were sitting around singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" because that girl is just as quirky as I am and neither of us see any problem whatsoever with singing Christmas songs in February. Spe even joined in for a few "He's coming to towns!" Wristy, who is teething (again), just looked at us all as though we were lucky he can't really control his hand movements yet, or he would strangle each and every one of us. He's such a good-tempered baby.

Well, we got to the, "He sees you when you're good or bad so be good for goodness sake!" part, and Veevs suddenly broke off, leaving me to bring it on home. After I fake vibratoed (that's not a real word) the ending, the following conversation ensued.

Veevs: Mom, how come I got presents even though I'm naughty sometimes?

Mom: Um, good question, honey. It's probably because you repented. (Along with singing Christmas songs in February, I also have no problem with mixing the fiction of Santa with the reality of Jesus. I'm really easy-going like that.)

Veevs: Repented? How did I do that?

Mom: Well, when we repent, we say we're sorry and we try hard not to be naughty again. (My goodness, I think I deserve Christian-mother-of-the-year-award, don't you?)

Veevs: So, like, when you yell at us and then you say you're sorry and that you will try harder to be nice, that's repenting?


Mom: One more time! "He's making a list, he's checking it twice! Gonna find out who's naughty or nice!" Spe, bring it home, little man!

Veevs: Right. We repent!

Seriously, can I just keep the award for one minute? Maybe take a few pictures with it, plan a Christian-mother-of-the-year-acceptance speech and then give it back?

I totally understand how Milli Vanilli felt.


Jill said...

The repentance discussion was very quick thinking on your part. Too bad she's a quick thinker too ;0)
You could have told her that if she hadn't been naughty sometimes, she probably would have got more presents.
One year, one of our children was naughty ON Christmas, so that night, Santa came back and took away his favorite present. He had to be good for a week to get it back.

Melissa Bastow said...

That is totally want I needed to read tonight!! Thanks for the chuckle. Ok, I was laughing loudly, and probably longer than the average person would (which brought on weird looks from the husband.) But after spending a day yelling at my kids, it was superb!!! And hey, atleast you fit in the repentace talk...I think I just yelled.

Addie said...

Genius use of Milli Vanilli! I was disappointed in your previous blog entry that there was no mention of your talent for epilepsy, the fact you think you know sign language or your ability to be operatic!

Amy said...

love the milli vanilli reference!

You are a great mom don't let any 4 yr old tell you different:)

you have got your hands full with her and oh the fun is never going to end! she is precious and so quick!

Valerie said...

I love how kids just bluntly put it right out there! At least she realizes that your not perfect, so you no longer have to live up to such a high stander. :)

Jen said...

I'd vote for you any day. You should definitely plan the speech, because then you'll have something ready next time a microphone is in the vicinity.

JustRandi said...

HA! I don't have THAT award for you, but I do have another one! Come by and get it!

JustRandi said...

And I definitely think you deserve BOTH your award and mine!! :)

Corrine said...

that is awesome and you deserve to keep your award!

Bob said...

It's amazing what kids say and how they put things together! It's a real treat.

Leisha said...

That Ivy is one smart little cookie! Me yelling at my kids and saying sorry is how I explained repentance too. I also got to explain the sacrament after we attended my nieces baptism and Rachel would shout, "You need to be bab-a-tized!" every time I got grouchy!