Friday, November 30, 2007


I have to confess, my house isn't the tidiest right now. Well, it hardly ever will win any cleanliness awards, but recently it has been particularly untidy. You know, I've had sick kids, and I am tired, blah, blah, blah. The same excuses that my older sisters could use if they wanted to, but instead they just clean their houses.

Anyway. Despite the filthy house, we did put up the Christmas tree last night. Which of course, made my house even filthier. Now it isn't just nail clippings that I need to vacuum up, it's also fake pine needles. This morning the following conversation ensued between me and Veevs:

Veevs: Mom?

Me: Yes?

Veevs: I think we need to clean up our house so that when Santa comes he doesn't say, "This house is a DEEE-saster!

This is a common technique that I use to get our house cleaned up. "Hey," I'll say cheerfully (or not so cheerfully, depending on the day), "Let's get this cleaned up before Dad gets home so that he doesn't say, 'This house is a DEEE-saster!'" Then we all get busy and shove everything under beds and in closets and stuff.

Me: Go for it, sis. Santa will really appreciate a clean house, I'm sure.

Veevs begins cleaning. A few minutes later:

Veevs: Mom?

Me: Yes?

Veevs: I think Santa can just step over and around things when he comes. I don't mind.

Me: (feeding the sick, grumpy, croupy baby) Yeah, I don't care either. Good job trying, sis.

Just remember if you come to my house, you might have to step over and around things. We don't mind.


Celia and Scott said...

Hilarious! I think in my next life I would like to be a fly on your wall. I think I'd just sit up there, clinging for dear life, and laugh my little fly guts out at your hilarious life.

Heidi said...

No, you wouldn't. I'm much funnier on paper, as I'm sure you remember.

Amy said...

heeeee larious!

Jen said...

Ah, you are a kindred spirit in so many ways. My current living room-stay-clean troubles relate to my quilting mania since I only have 1.4 children at present.

Leisha said...

Our house is currently past the deee-saster stage and into the "what can I just throw away?" stage.