Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dog Days

My kids are in heaven. Seriously, they think they are the luckiest kids on the planet. Why? Because we have a dog. No, we don't OWN a dog. No, no, no, no, no, it's not ours. But for the weekend, we are babysitting a little Shih Tzu dog for one of Rhett's coworkers who went out of town. My kids love it. The dog, well, let's just say he's been very patient.

Spe has said, "HEY, LOKI!" about seven million times today. (Except he can't pronounce Ls correctly, so he says, "Hey, Yoki!") Veevs has surreptitiously tried to feed the dog about seven doggy snacks, although we agreed previously that he only needed two a day. Jacob, well, Jacob doesn't really care, except for when he has a poopy diaper and the dog comes and hones in on Jake's rear end with his nose. It's actually been quite helpful that way . . .

A few ways in which it has not been helpful:

The dog peed in his crate early this morning, and as a result had to be bathed, because he was covered in his own urine. And then I had to clean out the crate, too.

The dog vomited all over the floor after breakfast, which I had to clean up. Fortunately, his owners left me with a carpet cleaning solvent. (Perhaps that should have been my first clue?)

I think you'll know what I mean when I say the dog really loves my leg. Enough said.

It will be a while before we get a dog of our own, much to my kids' chagrin . . .


Amy said...

aww gotta love pet sitting...we let our dog go over night at granpas and he likes it so much he asked to stay!

Sibri said...


Oh the mental imagery... you cleaning up dog sick and the dog enjoying your leg.

Life is so amusing at times!


Celia and Scott said...

This reminds me too terribly much of our own dog situation. Henry has harassed our poor dog since day one. I'm sure when Tau (the dog) saw us bring child #2 home he wanted to run away right then and there (but the doors were locked and we detected that "look" in his eye and right, like we're going to let you out now, Tau!) And I'd like to say that I've been one of those owners who left her dog with a friend and came back to find out he had peed and pooped in their house (and he was totally house trained!). I think they get nervous in new environments. Having three small children around can't help much either, I'm afraid.

Texas Mommy said...

Those are the reasons I have not liked having a dog. I hate cleaning up dog throw up and pee. Our dog is pretty good though She usually will go to the door to go outside to puke.And she is potty trained so I can't complain to much