Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Where is the Mother?

So yesterday I was looking through some pictures that our Uncle Jordy sent us a long time ago. They were taken when he and Aunt Linz came to visit us around Easter time. And seriously, they made me ashamed. Because I don't think there's a single picture where any of my kids are dressed completely or not completely homely. The shame is, I really do have cute kids. If only they had a mother who took care of them . . .

Exhibit A:
Seriously, what is with the hair? Do I not know how to do a simple ponytail? Obviously not. . .

Exhibit B:

I can't even put words to my shame here.

Exhibit C:In this one, I managed to put a shirt on, but no pants. My favorite is that he's wearing his Sunday shoes with this beautiful ensemble.

My only excuse is . . . okay there's no excuse. I also feel obligated to disclose that my kids are watching TV right now. I'm probably not going to shower today, and my bed isn't made. My kids, however, do have pants on!


Amy said...

This post reminds me of the current Chili's commercial where they all order the ribs and then confess to something they are ashamed of...may I remind you of a post called Justify my love. In such post you mentioned that you do not have to have your children match to show love infact it was a hinderance of their creative spirit if you did take care of everything. worries. These are the pictures that you show as they are dating for blackmail.

Bill, Katie, and Co. said... is your excuse. See that tiny thing you are holding in Exhibit C? Blame it on that one. That's what I always do...blame it all on the baby :) (your kids are darling...I don't know what you are worried about!)

Laura said...

Your kids are darling! With each progressive child I find it's easier to let more things go. No child has ever been hurt by wearing a diaper around the house or to Costco for that matter. I, too, am seriously girl hair/pony tail challenged. It really doesn't matter...unless I'm headed over to my mother in-laws!

Valerie said...

I think all kids should go pantless. It would make it much easier to change diapers or when they need to go potty and they can't put their pants back on. I mean come on, that's work! Either that or everyone should go back to wearing skirts...including men. Life would be much easier.

Texas Mommy said...

I only have one kid and I still don't completely dress her a lot of the time. During the summer, I think she wore only a diaper most of the time so that I didn't have to keep putting her clothes on when i changed her and cause I thought it was hot and thought she might like the freedom! And the hair picture, I try to do Audreys hair almost every day, and some days she totally yanks it out and it looks like I don't even care what she looks like! On the other days I just let it run wild cause no one but me and her Dad are going to see her anyway.