Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How did you come up with the name Tingling Touches?

I'm pretending that someone actually asked that question, although no one did. Have you no curiosity for my ultra-cool and exclusive club, people? None?

I believe I've mentioned before that we (me, my sister Linz, and my sister Bucky) are writing romance novels just to be funny (well and also to get on "Oprah", because how could she not want to interview these three sisters who have written really cheesy romance novels?). I believe I've also mentioned that we call ourselves "The Tingling Touches Club". But I don't think I've mentioned how this club received its name.

Well, it started as a way to poke fun at our favorite cheesy romance novelist (I will not put her name, as that earned me some nasty blog comments the last time I did that--stupid Internet search function . . .). SHE has an internet romance club that you can join to receive clean romance novels each month. I don't want to end up on HER search computer thingy again, so I'll just tell you that HER club title is something like this: Endearing Encounters or Loving Ladies. Except it involves the word captivating, coupled with that thing that people do with their lips. . . See the alliteration? See the cheesiness?

Well, while we were mired in the very important issue of trying to come up with a good name for our club, we decided to skip to the good stuff and read our novels out loud to each other for feedback. We found this little jewel in Linz's novel:

"When Cam touched her arm, Blair felt a tingle that ran through her whole body, but she was determined not to let it show on her cheeks."

Thus, thanks to that one classic line, we became "Tingling Touches". And thanks to my deep love for chocolate and sugar, we also started having snacks at every meeting. And in a way, we are also responsible for the formation of another exclusive club, "The Financial Fascists".

"The Financial Fascists" is made up of Rhett and Linz's husband Jordy (they are the only two tight enough to be members). Because we got together so often, they got together too, and decided to form a club as well (So really their club is just an offshoot of the Tinglers; we consider them junior members--sort of like the Brownies to the Girl Scouts). Although theirs is a much dorkier club (I know, you thought it wasn't possible to be dorkier than a romance novel club) because they get on the Internet and research mutual fund returns, stocks, etc. Also, they discuss strategies for curbing their wives' spending habits. Sounds like a winner, doesn't it? I wouldn't join it if they paid me.

Because they don't have treats. Too expensive!


Leisha said...

I think my husband is secretly a card-carrying member of "The Financial Fascists"...

I love the "Tingling Touches" description, it is actually making me laugh at 8:45AM (hard to do.)

Valerie said...

Can I join...pretty please, with a cherry on top?

Karin said...

I'm going to laugh when you really are on Oprah! :)

Texas Mommy said...

You have the most fun to read blog. I love to just read it and see what you have to say next. My sister-in-law started reading it and she loves it. She thinks you are really funny too!

Bill, Katie, and Co. said...

You're killing me, Girl! You are such a crack up! I love reading your blog. I have put your link on my blog now so I can check in often! Come by and visit my world when you have a minute!

Yours truly,

Mary said...

Great Post! I would love to join your fun that would be! FYI: I read this great book that I would love to share with you and your club.

He is an author who is very similar to Nicholas Sparks - His name is Rob Costelloe. I think you'd love his work. I couldn't put it down. It's a great relax by the fire while it's raining book.

Thank you for the post!

Mary :>)