Monday, November 12, 2007

When Mama Ain't Happy . . .

I really have the most wonderful mother. She raised eight kids with a lot of love, hardly any gourmet cooking, and a HUGE amount of patience. However, like all of us, she has her quirks. And since I really believe my mission in life is to out the world's quirky people one blog at a time, I'll tell you one of my favorite "Mare-mares" (Rhett's nickname for her) stories.

Once a month, we fast. When I was little this was a serious hardship. When I was a teenager, it was cause for some serious crankiness. And now that I'm a nursing mom, well, I don't do it! One Sunday we were fasting, and we came home from church to get our "break-the-fast" meal ready. Well, it wasn't just the teenagers who got a little cranky.

Granted, we were all complaining. Granted, we were all bickering. Granted, it was generally an unpleasant day to be the mother of eight children. In the middle of all of our bickering, fighting, complaining, whining, swearing (that's me!), and unpleasantness, Mare-mares had enough.

"Enough!" yelled Mare-mares. She grabbed the defrosted poppy-seed chicken casserole that was to be our dinner, stormed into her bedroom and locked the door behind her. What? (Or, as my four-year old would say, "What the??")

We all laughed kind of nervously at Mare-mares little temper tantrum, and waited for her to come back with our dinner. Except this wasn't just a little temper tantrum. She stayed in there for a long time! We all crept to her door and apologized under the crack in the door (well, except for Josh who made himself saltine cracker, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in an effort to prove that Mare-mares wasn't the boss of him--he's so like that), but she wasn't budging.

It was probably an hour later that she emerged, poppy-seed chicken casserole in hand, ready to make dinner. What?

Now I know where I get the drama queen gene from . . .

This is Mare-mares and my dad, on a less dramatic day.


Leisha said...

I'm still laughing at your 4 year old saying "What the?" That sounds like my son.

Your parents are adorable...BUT!

If that is the quirkiest thing your Mom does, I think my Mom beats your Mom hands down. Wanna have a quirk-off? Wait, I need my Mom to watch my kids, let me ask her if I can out her first! =)

Texas Mommy said...

Every Mom probably has those days. I know my Mom did. Sometimes I guess you just need some space.

Dan said...

I remember Josh making those nasty saltine cracker sandwiches. He pretended like they tasted so good.

Mandy said...

good story. I haven't read your blog in a while since life has turned a crazy direction, but I forget how it makes me smile. cute story, but Leisha is right is that the worst? you had it lucky:) he, he.