Saturday, November 17, 2007

Car Talk

I was driving around the other day (I usually am housebound often enough to qualify to attend agoraphobia meetings despite having no phobia whatsoever about leaving my home. However, three kids four and under will do that to you.), and I just have to say: Enough with the car talk!

Seriously, I don't care if your child is an honor student or beats them up or if you love them even though they aren't honor students. I don't really care if your child plays soccer or if you support Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in the NASCAR races. I don't really care to know that you consider yourself a "PRINCESS" or 99% angel. I don't know you at all, and quite frankly, it's better that way. Because I don't care, and it feels a little bit intrusive that you want to share all of these things with me.

It's kind of like when you are at your locker in high school and the stoner who has the locker next to yours presents you with a black mask that he's made himself in Arts & Crafts class with red paint that looks like blood dripping down it and nails sticking out all over the face in the hopes that you will return his undying affection (I'm not the only one this happened to, am I? Oh, I am. Well, lucky me.). It's just a little presumptuous, you know?

I just don't know why people feel the need to communicate with their cars. I promise, I have never seen a single bumper sticker or car vinyl cling that has made me think, "Wow. I should really get to know that quality human being." What would I do if I did think that? Follow them home and introduce myself? That's just stalkerish, folks.

I feel like we're already sharing way too much information about ourselves with just the type of car we drive. I mean, I drive a white minivan, and Rhett drives a gold Toyota Camry. Can't you tell we're practical, family-oriented people?

Why, I hear you say, if you are so adverse to sharing personal information with other people, do you blog?

Hmmm. Good point.


Amy said...

so I wonder what I say with my 93 mercury vikkager van with only one van door, cause that is all the doors we needed in those days.

I hate bumper stickers...I would never have a political one because then people might key your car. And who needs to know what radio station I listen too.
Oh you really got me with this one...

Celia and Scott said...

Now you've done it, I can't stop talking about people's bumper stickers and the statement they're trying to make. Scott and I talked about it on the way home from church today. We almost did follow the guy in the beat-up car home with the "Drop In Bro" bumper sticker. I mean, he's gotta be a friendly guy right? I just won't accept any "brownies" if he offers us some because you never know what kind of substances people who call you "bro" might be into.

Valerie said...

Eloquently put. Enough is enough.

BTW, I enjoyed being in Primary yesterday during singing time. You do such a great job with the kids. I (sort of) miss that calling.