Friday, February 5, 2010

Flux Capacitor

Rhett, as you know, has some quirks. But you guys, he just makes me laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

At his work the other day the copier was broken. He was trying to help get the jam out of the paper path (probably whilst cursing), but it was hopeless. The copier was just broken.

Andria, the administrative assistant, said, "Oh, let's just call the maintenance department." She dialed up the number and started putting in the request for repair. Rhett said, "Hey, tell them we think the flux capacitor is broken." (You remember the flux capacitor, yes? From the Back to the Future movie?)

So poor Andria. She says to the maintenance person, "We think it's the flux capacitor that's causing the problem." And then Rhett starts laughing. And so does the maintenance person, but the maintenance person says around her laughter, "Okay, I'll mark that down."

I don't know why, but I've laughed about that for weeks now. It doesn't hurt that someone from his work gave Rhett this shirt that he's been wearing around.