Saturday, October 27, 2007

Temper Tantrums from a 31 Year Old

You know, you expect temper tantrums from your two year old. Or from your four year old. But I'm kind of past the age where temper tantrums are socially acceptable. Nonetheless, I still throw them. Occasionally. It kind of makes me feel better to let go of all that pent-up anger.

The last couple of nights I've (okay, we've) been up a lot with our kids. Spe has an ear infection and baby Wristy has some bizarre illness that makes him wake up every two hours with a strong desire to eat and eat and eat and eat (okay, it's not really an illness; he's just a trained night feeder who is spiraling out of control). I'm just so tired. I just feel obliged to tell you that at one point baby Wristy was a fabulous sleeper. I mean really fabulous. But then he got a cough/cold and all his wonderful sleeping habits disappeared. And in their place, I got this lovely baby who wakes up all night long.

Last night we went to bed around 11:00. I just got a good sleep going (and trust me, I'm a great sleeper), when Banshee Boy (this is my new nickname for Wristy as he has the loudest cry of any child I've ever heard. Seriously, he hurts my eardrums.) started wailing. I get up, put the pacifier back in, and crawl back into bed. At 12:00, again, Banshee Boy lets it rip. I get up, put the pacifier in, and crawl back into bed. He's not buying it this time, so I kick Rhett (this is my patented move that always gets great results), and make him go give it another go. But Banshee Boy just keeps screaming and screaming and screaming. So I go in his room, nurse him, and put him in bed.

Guess who's up again at 2:30? And guess who wants to eat? And guess who's up again at 3:30? And guess who wants to eat? Finally, I snap.

Rhett: (calmly and casually) So what's up with baby Wristy?

Me: (freakily and nastily) I DON'T KNOW, OKAY? All I know is that I'm NOT going back in that room again tonight! He can cry all night!

Rhett: (calmly and casually) Okaaaay.

He did cry for almost half an hour, and I held my ground. No seven month old is a match for the temper tantrums I can throw. I've had years and years of practice and I ALWAYS WIN! (Is anyone else getting the feeling that I'm unhealthily competitive? Is it normal for a mother to be locked in a contest of wills with her seven month old? Yeah, I should do something about that.)

Finally Rhett realized we were in a lose/lose holding pattern here and he intervened. He went and slept with the baby. But I've already told him: tonight is the night for Baby Banshee Boy to cry it out. Because I can only take so much . . . and I want my fabulous sleeping baby back.


Sibri said...

The original DQ is back in the building!!!

Please post more DQ quotes, like when you are out and about in public places... do you still throw yourself on the floor?

Matt, Karin and Sienna said...

That makes me sad. So, in Utah with Matt's family Sienna slept through the night. She comes back home and does not sleep through the night. They could be lying to make me feel better but I really think she slept through the night for them. She only wakes up once and sometimes twice but still... I am ready for her to make it through the night!

She had a week where she slept until 6 or so before waking up and would go back down after eating sometimes. Too bad it was only a week.

The fact that Matt can give Sienna a bottle and she has 8 teeth- I don't always feel so bad nursing didn't work out for us. Good luck!!

Leisha said...

I think it's the name Jacob. Seriously. They called my Jake "The Pteradactyl" at church for his ear pierching shrieks (which could be heard from the depths of hell.) At 6 months old he and I had the same battle-of-the-wills and guess what he did? Fell asleep standing up in his crib tightly grasping the rails in a defiant "She will NOT win" death grip. (But he was asleep, he-he...)