Monday, October 29, 2007

Revenge is Sweet . . .

Rhett gives the kids their baths at our house, which is great because otherwise my kids would be about as clean and fresh smelling as river otters (I have no idea if this is a good analogy or not). I'm just no good at it. Plus, I figure it's good bonding time for Rhett and the kids. Nothing brings a family together like a little water, some soapsuds, and washcloths. Well, unless the water and soap make their way out of the tub, then Rhett gets a little hot under the collar. It sounds something like this:

Rhett: Spe, don't dump water out of the bath, okay?

Spe: Ko-kay. (At which point, he promptly dumps more water out of the tub.)

Rhett: SPE! I said don't do that anymore! It makes a big mess!

Spe: Ko-kay. (Do I even need to tell you what he does? You already know, don't you? Yes, he dumps more water out of the tub.)

Rhett: SPENCER CARL HADLEY! I have asked you very nicely not to do that! PLEASE STOP! (This is all said in a very firm tone, which makes Spe look a little sad.)

Spe: (Sadly) Ko-kay. (And yet, as if he cannot control himself, his hand reaches out and dumps more water out of the tub.)

There are no more words, because Rhett is a man of action. And he also believes in retribution. So he takes a cup full of water and dumps it over Spe's head. Spe has gotten so used to this that he no longer even splutters. He just closes his eyes, lets the water fall, and then keeps on playing. Spe is a man of action too. And, he'll have his revenge. When Dad's back is turned, you can bet there will be some more water poured over the side of the tub. Or, he might drink the water (another thing Dad doesn't let him do). One way or the other, he'll get his retribution.

I think you can see why I think this bonding time is so good for them. Oh, you can't? Yeah, actually, I don't see it either, but at least I don't have to bathe them. Sometimes, that's all that really matters. . .