Monday, October 15, 2007

As Halloween Approaches . . .

Apparently, I've done too good of a job teaching my kids what Halloween is all about. Because suddenly, everything is very, very "spooky" in our world. To them, a pumpkin (even without the carvings) is "spooky". And their Halloween costumes (a pirate, Superman, and a lion--hardly the stuff of nightmares) are "super-spooky".

We've also been enjoying a renaissance of small ghosts. This is achieved by my two oldest throwing their blankets over their head and intoning "OooOOOOoooo!" Trust me, it's very spooky. Even Wristy (seven months) can't keep a straight face.

Veevs loves to "decorate" her room for Halloween. In the months leading up to October, she can often be found drawing and coloring a pumpkin, a ghost, or a bat to hang up in her room. The finished effect, which seems to fall under the fashion label "Halloween Junk Chic" is apparently quite frightening. In fact, this year, the morning after we put up her decorations she woke up with a scream. Apparently, waking up to a cartoon skeleton is too much for any four year old.

But the best of all is that both Veevs (four) and Spe (two) are "banishing" witches and ghosts from their rooms constantly. This is done in the following manner: you go to the doorway of your chosen room, and you throw your fist into the room while yelling, "BANISH!" at the top of your lungs. Apparently, evil creatures cannot withstand this kind of treatment, and leave immediately. Interestingly, mom can also be banished. Now that is really spooky!


Amy said...

seriously hilarious:) banishing is the best fun ever!

Valerie said...

I love how they banished you from their do kids their age even know about that stuff? Truly amazing the things kids pick up. Soooo cute.

Heidi said...


How funny! That has happened a couple of times now that I have started blogging.

Justin Taylor. He was friends with my husband in undergrad. His roommate (Tyson Henrie) was in the MTC with my husband. We don't see him often, but did go to Zions with him this summer.

Katie & Ricky. Friends from MCW in Milwaukee. Ricky and Jared were in medical school together and also served in young men's together. brother's name is Rhett :)

The Holcombs said...

cute cute and oh wait really cute! Ivy is a crack up where does she come up with this stuff? Could it be because her mom is so creative to??? I love it, a great Halloween thought to get me ready for the holiday.