Monday, October 22, 2007

Bucky's Big Three

Right, have you been on the edge of your seat waiting to find out how Bucky solved the big three dilemma? Me too. Except I already know. Just for those who are behind on my blog (which is about everyone, I'm sure), here's the deal--my sisters and I (aka The Tingling Touches Club) are writing romance novels mostly to be funny and I'm recapping the plots and high points for everyone. Sounds like fabulous blog material, doesn't it?

1) Setting--Bucky's not exactly sure when her novel is set, but from the conveyances, dresses, and plot, we kind of think it must be Regency England time period. Except for her hero is always saying things like "heck" or "darn" which I don't think existed back then. At least the main characters in Pride and Prejudice never say them . . . Oh, well, everyone has their right to break their setting (it's a little reminiscent of the A-line dresses with cap sleeves, right?).

2) Main Character Names--Kate and Caden, which you know, could happen. I once had a gym teacher who's first name was Kelly and then she married a man whose last name was Kelly. What are the chances? She became Kelly Kelly, but she had the good sense to use her maiden name. Phew! I know the alliterative and similar nature of these names might be off-putting, but I have to say, Bucky knows how to work it, because it doesn't really bother you after you read all of their kissing scenes. Now, their kids (am I ruining the plot to tell you that they do end up together?) should be named: Cort, Callie and Carla. You know, just to keep it real.

3) What's keeping this perfectly matched couple apart? Well, a couple of things, really. Kate's a runaway socialite who discovered her parents had arranged a marriage for her. So she becomes a governess to (can you guess?) Caden's nephews and niece who he has custody of because their parents died. So she feels like their relationship is based on a lie. Caden seems to have no qualms at all about their relationship. In fact, this is the touchiest, most affectionate "apart" couple that I have ever seen. So kudos to Bucky for making that work. Another plot twist comes when the kids' grandparents try to wrest guardianship of the children (and the fortune) by kidnapping Kate (it makes sense in the book, I promise). Kate runs away, and decides to succumb to the arranged marriage. Wait for it! You'll never guess . . . or maybe you will . . . the person she is promised to just happens to be CADEN! Oh, my heck, you never saw that one coming, did you? Yeah, it's a sweet deal.

Next up: My BIG Three! It will totally be worth the read, I promise. Well, really it will be five minutes of your life that you will never get back, but still. Read it, just to make me feel better.


justin said...

Heids, you cant write stuff like that people will start to wonder!!! I linked your blog to me and we're so BFF! I'll see you some time this week. I'll call when i'm in dallas.

Adrienne said...

Oh that is good! What an imagination Cort has to come up with such a complex plot, with so many twists and turns! But what's a good romance novel without those suspenseful cliff hangers?!

But to be honest....reading the kissing scenes described by your sisters....isn't that a little like awkward, kind of like thinking of your parents having sex?! I think I would laugh out loud hearing Celia describe two characters getting it on passionately!

But don't worry, i will tune in for your Big three! Can't wait!

Heidi said...

Not so much with Linz, but with Bucky, totally. Especially before she got married--we kind of felt weird like we were telling her something she didn't know about.

But she's the most excited of all of us about these books. She's finished hers, and mine is still languishing at Christmas time . . .