Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10 Things I Love About Rhett

For those of you who hang out with us a lot, you may find it hard to believe that Rhett and I really do like each other. The best part is that we really like each other despite, and because of, all the quirky things we do. So just to give you a glimpse into the weirdness that is my husband: here's ten reasons why I really find him fascinating.

1) He loves to watch "The Bachelor." Seriously--it's his dirty little secret. He can't get enough of the "hi-jinks" (his words not mine) that they get up to. You should've heard how excited he was when they pulled a twin switcheroo in this season's third episode. He loves Monday nights just because "The Bachelor" is on. We have to put the kids to bed early and everything.

2) He loves my mom. Really, they could go on vacation together without me or my dad and have a much better time than if we were there. He calls her "Mare-mares" (her name is Marilyn) to her face. He's tried to get our kids to call her "Maa-maw Memma". Fortunately, they have resisted this.

3) He hid the fact that he bought a Dodge Caravan from his father for almost four months. He knew that it didn't get the best Consumer Reports ratings, and his dad loves Consumer Reports, so voila! He avoided the topic completely.

4) To him, social awkwardness is comfy. He loves breaking social rules. I thought this was funny when we were dating, but now it's just embarrassing. He always asks our waiters and waitresses personal questions. And he LOVES to embarrass me. Like how he always tells everyone that our first kiss was on our mission--totally not true, but still embarrassing.

5) He's one of the tightest people with money I know. He hates the word tight: he prefers frugal or careful. But, he's tight. When we were first married, he used to work at the credit union where we banked (or credit unioned, I suppose) and he would call me ten minutes after every purchase I made questioning it's necessity or cost. He and one of my brother-in-laws have formed a club called "Financial Fascists" because they are both like money Nazis. Really.

6) He's extremely careful about keeping things nice. When we were engaged, I got in the car in the autumn and he had cut out cardboard to lay down over all the carpet in his car so that no one could ruin his carpet with their wet feet.

7) He's pretty confident. He's not ashamed of much about himself. He'll tell anyone who will listen about how he got ringworm from StyleAmerica, yet he goes and gets his hair cut there every time, even after they gave him ringworm.

8) He's a little bit zany. I went into a place where he worked about five years ago and the receptionist (who was pushing 70) said, "Oh, we just love your husband. When it's a slow work day, he and I will pretend we're ice figure skaters and we skate all around the lobby floor." Hmmmm . . .

9) He's a fabulous dad, but sometimes he forgets all his kids are four and under. For example, Ivy's favorite show to watch with her dad is Nacho Libre. And both of my kids think "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen is about the best song ever. This morning, I took the kids to preschool and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" was on when I turned on the car. To my surprise, they sang along and requested to hear it again, and again, and again. One guess about who introduced them to that!

10) He has the biggest appetite of anyone I've ever met. His parents call him "Garbage Gut" and I understand why. The man can pack it down. His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, and not for the company--he really just loves the food!


The Holcombs said...

I love that you have a blog now. You are so cute, I loved getting to know Rhett better with that little intro. You are the sweetest gal around and so am so glad to know you. Keep up the entertaining blog!

Sibri said...

Aaah bless!!! that's so sweet!

You do know what Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is all about don't you??

The clue is in caps

Heidi Hadley said...

Yes, I know. That's why I was so thrilled to have my 4 year old and 2 year old belting it from the back seat. Thrilling!

Amy said...

I love the fact Rhett likes the bachelor...I love it too! There is something really hilarious to me about watching tons of beautiful women getting dumped by a really hot guy:) I love it!
As for everything sweet are you to dedicate a post to your honey! You give great blog!

Josh said...

Yes....all very true. He loves social's like life is a game to him.

Celia and Scott said...

LOL about the pretend figure-skating. That is awesome.

I always knew I like Rhett. Why don't we see each other more often?

Carol Siswick said...

That has totally made me miss Rhett. Can you post him over to entertain me?