Friday, October 26, 2007

My BIG Three

The time has come. I can no longer fob you off with pathetic excuses. I know you are dying to know the plot to my romance novel. (Actually, no one has even asked about it. Hmmm . . .)

Here's my big three:

Character Names: Meghan and Grant. Fortunately there is no one close to me with either of these names, so no one will think I am basing these characters on them. Not that anyone would think that anyway, as these characters are so out of touch with real life it's scary.

Setting: O, Pioneers! Sort of. This takes place in the Oklahoma Territory sometimes during settlement (so like mid-1800ish). I have done absolutely no research whatsoever for this novel, so I have no clue what that means. That's what I like about writing romance novels. It ain't rocket science! Plus, I've read all of The Little House on the Prairie series, AND I've read Sarah, Plain and Tall so I feel well-qualified to write this novel about prairie life. I mean I AM well-qualified.

What's Keeping This Perfectly Matched Couple from Realizing Their Destiny? Tragedy. Plain and simple tragedy. See, Meghan was married previously to a man who was abusive. She finally worked up the courage to leave him, but he walked in on her packing. One thing led to another, yadda, yadda, yadda, and she ends up shooting him. She leaves him in a pool of his own blood, and flees, catching the first train out of there. Oh, tragedy! She ends up in Oklahoma City, now a murderess, and gets a job teaching school (just the kind of person who should be shaping young minds!). Because she teaches in a small town, she boards with local families. Grant is the understanding, sweet, kind, handsome and patient son of one of the families she boards with and so . . . well, let's just say tragedy bows to the power of love. As always. Except. Her husband really didn't die, and he comes looking for her! Eeek!

Hope this satisfies your need to tingle for the day.


Anonymous said...

You kill me. I am eagerly awaiting your romace novel. While you know I favor Regency England I would go out of my comfort zone to read your western saga. I can't wait to find out about their tumble in a haystack and read about her over coming her fear of intimacy and mean for that matter.

Adrienne said...

Sarah, Plain and Tall?! That tiny little paperback MORE than qualifies you for writing a period piece!
How complex is your plot...too bad you revealed the ending already because most romance novels are cliffhangers and IMPOSSIBLE to predict! :) Meghan with an "H", huh? How unique. Seriously, Heidi, you girls are killing me softly.

Amy said...

I want as copy when it comes out on paperback!

Courtney said...

Hey Heids. Your blog "hit" count doubled since I last looked at it two days ago. Sheesh your popular! Any luck on that prairie fire?

Matt, Karin and Sienna said...

I think you could make good money! Your blog should be made known to everyone, it is wonderful.

monkie mama said...

Nope, I need more tingles? Publish the book already! (can I get an autographed copy?)

P.S. Is the abusive-ex-dead-husband a vampire? That would be a plot twist eh?

monkie mama said...

that should read: "I need more tingles!!!!!" There's no question about it. Were you an english teacher? Am I getting an "F" for bad punctuation? Don't tell my mom -k-!