Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wednesday Witch

I talked to my mom yesterday on the phone. It went something like this:

Mom: Hey, guess what I just read? (You must read this in your head in the perkiest, sweetest voice you can manage. Think Sally Field in "Gidget".)

Me: Um . . .

Mom: The Wednesday Witch! (In case you somehow missed this book, it was one that I read when I was about nine. It's about a girl who somehow gets mixed up with a witch who rides a vacuum cleaner and then the girl has to help the witch because the witch accidentally shrinks herself to the size of a bird. It somehow didn't even enter my head when my mom asked me to guess what she was reading. Shocker.)

Me: Oh! How did you like it?

Mom: What a cute book! Do you remember that I used to hide that book from you because I thought it made you weird?

Me: Uh, you hid a lot of books from me because you thought they made me weird.

Mom: I don't think The Wednesday Witch was the problem! It's such a cute story!

Me: Yeah, I'm pretty sure that wasn't the problem. I'm pretty sure I was just weird.

Mom: I think you're right!

I think Mare-Mares is finally recovering from my adolescence. I'm so relieved.


bill, katie, and co. said...

You've done it again...I'm laughing my heart out! So funny, Heidi!

Carol said...

I'm glad Marilyn is expanding her mind reading the Wednesday Witch. That was a tad risky of her, imagine if that book was responsible for your weirdness (which I prefer to just call quirky)then it may have had the same effect on her. That's the last thing Bishop Carl needs.

Holly said...

From Scholastic books right? I'm pretty sure I have that one and several others in a box somewhere. Thanks for your comment. I loved it!

Bisel Family said...

I am so glad you are my friend. You are my daily dose of laughter!

And, I must agree. Quirky!

Jen said...

I'm feeling like a Tuesday witch today. Maybe I should go check that book out for a little perspective. I mean, sweeping floors and changing too many diapers can't possibly be harder than unshrinking oneself from birdhood.

Ashley said...

Every time my mom mentions my adolesence I cringe. I am like can we move on, please!!

Leisha said...

Hey, weird makes the world go round! You Mom sounds like a cute Mom!

Leisha said...

('your mom' is what i meant... or maybe 'you momma' you pick!)

Yvonne said...

That was great.

I don't remember that book and when my kids were in school we bought so many Scholastic books it's probably on a shelf--maybe I'll have to look for it. Sounds fun ; )

Lippy said...

So funny when we run out of excuses for our weirdness, and just have to admit we are WEIRD.

This was a classic. Loved it!

Corrine said...

you gotta love moms, that is great.

you are just so funny!