Wednesday, February 13, 2008

If I Were You . . .

Yesterday Veevs and I were doing her homework. Yes, she is four. Yes, they send home homework. Yes, I have to do it with her.

I kept saying, "Veevs, if I were you, I would glue it here, but you can put it wherever you want." (Just so you know, she rarely takes my advice.)

At the end of our project o' love, Veevs turned to me and said, "Well, if I were you I would yell and yell and yell."

Hot on the heels of my last post about yelling, I said, "Oh, do you think that's all I do? Do you think your mom just yells all the time?"

"No." she said, "It's just if I WERE YOU, I would. Like, when your husband's not nice, I would yell. And like when your kids are mean, I would yell."

Now I have permission.


D said...

My son currently has two reactions when I yell at him. He either crumples up in a little ball and bawls which of course makes me feel awful- if I'm not still mad at whatever he was doing...which is more likely the case. OR he giggles and grins and does whatever it is a little more- like running away from me at the grocery store. Luckily he usually does the giggling one instead of the crumpling one when we are in public. I think that makes my yelling look more justified in public... :)

Ashley said...

When I yell my oldest who is very sensitive, freezes and then follows direction. My second child looks at me like "Whateva!" The baby just smiles as she knows none of them are directed at her, yet. Wow that makes me seem really mean.

Amy said...

she is amazing...I am always so tickled by the phrases that come out of her mouth!

Leisha said... come you get permission and my 4 year old tells me I need to be bab-a-tized? No fair!

Adrienne said...

I'm glad that other moms seem "mean." Macie is constantly telling me not to say things so mean. Then she puts herself in timeout. What the connection is there, I'm not completely sure. Obviously time she doesn't quite have a grasp on what time out is for. But she has totally grasped me being mean!!