Friday, February 22, 2008

Lights Out

Last night I put the kids to bed. Early. Like at 7:00. I'm often a bad mom that way.

I started with Spe and Veevs, read them their books, sent them to bed with kisses and loves. Then I fed Wristy his bottle and popped him into bed too.

Then I settled down to watch Survivor and then PBS's Miss Marple mystery. After Survivor, I realized Wristy was still babbling in his room. He sounded happy, but really, he should have been asleep. If it comes to that, though, they all should have been asleep, but Spe was making dinosaur sounds from under the crack in his room and Veevs was trying to think of more reasons to come out and visit with mom. However, Wristy usually goes to sleep fairly quickly, so I headed in to his room to see if he needed a diaper change.

No. No diaper change needed.

It's just I had left the light in his room on an hour earlier when I put him to bed. He was just sitting up, playing in the bright-as-noonday-sun light (not really, but I have a thing about exaggeration). What's wrong with me?

Do I need to take iron supplements or what?


Carol said...

My kids always go to bed at 7!! Am I a bad parent?

Love what you need is a lobotomy. Think you'll find those kids munched all your brain cells in utero that's all.

Clearly you just forgot in all your haste to sit down and catch up with Survivor!

Jen said...

Not iron. Gingko Biloba.

Ashley said...

It's Mommy A.D.D. I think it gets worse with every kiddo I have.

Yvonne said...

I must have been a horrible mom because I always put my kids to bed early--they were happier when they got a good nights sleep, and so was I ; )

Bisel Family said...

my kids go to bed at 7 every night. it is like blessings from heaven! and, if you didn't do funny things every now and then, what would you have to write about?

Leisha said...

Okay I tried to read that last post and the def./discussion of herpetology made my brain hurt. You have a bright 4 year old.

Also, I put my kids to bed as early as humanly possible. They arise at the crack of dawn regardless of bedtime, so why not get some "Lost" time to myself?

Also, thanks for inviting Rachel over to play with Veevs. As soon as we banish pink eye I am taking you up on your offer...but you must record any and all conversations between the two...I can only imagine!

Valerie said...

Putting kids to be at 7 pm is not bad parenting. It just means that we will be better parents in the morning. My kid needs the extra sleep, because naps are no longer occurring and, like Leisha's kids, he still gets up just as early. YAY for early bed times!!

Jen said...

By the way, I did the exact same thing to Grace a couple of weeks ago and had this twilight zone moment where I was trying to figure out how she reached the light switch.

The Holcombs said...

I need to be so good to put Jaden down early but Jared gets home late and he loves to see him. I want to try a 7:00 bedtime just once!
oh and that is totally something my hubby would do, it made laugh you two are more alike than I knew.

Amy said...

I read your post a couple of days ago and appearantly forgot to comment. I put Megs to bed at 7pm every night no matter what and she is so much happier in the morning. Your soon to be kindergartner will appreciate next year:)

it never hurts to supplement with minerals and vits...too!

monkie mama said...

I agree, 7 is a fabulous bed time. By 7 o'clock mama's love has gone to bed. My kids are learning that if they want to live to see the next day, they better get to bed too!

As far as the brain goes, that's why Veevs and Spe are so darn smart! You donated, they graciously accepted and took 5x more than offered. By #4, there's barely enough brain power left to do much more than drool. At least Wristy is such a sweet baby and just hung out instead of fuss! Count your many blessings!

Dana said...

I just about peed my pants! Such a laid back baby, playing in his crib. And such a horrible selfish mother, in such a hurry to get to her quiet time that she actually made a mistake at the expense her child ;). Sounds like something I would do.