Saturday, February 2, 2008

Northanger Abbey

I shouldn't have been surprised, I guess. I mean, I am possibly the most dramatic person you've ever met.

On my mission, I was famous in one congregation for throwing myself on the ground whenever I was upset or shocked or you know, just bored.

And I do kind of think life should be like a Gothic Romance. So why then was I still surprised when I ended up with these results from the Jane Austen heroine quiz?

I am Catherine Morland!

Take the Quiz here!

I haven't even seen anyone else with this one. Everyone else gets the sensible, nice characters like Elinor Dashwood or Elizabeth Bennett. Me? I get Catherine Morland.

Do you remember Catherine? No? This silly girl reads too many Gothic romances and suddenly she's seeing Gothic mysteries every where she looks, and supposing that there are wives hidden in everyone's attic. She's shallow and ridiculous. She has an overactive imagination and a desire for drama.

I love her.

I'll cherish my results forever!


Melissa Bastow said...

just took the quiz...atleast you're not the BORING sister in Sense and Sensibility. I think I'm going to work on being more dramatic - it might make things more interesting around here. Also I've realized that I need to read more Jane Austen books.

Amy said...

I was marianne dashwood....and to be honest I have no clue...I think I only go tit cause I like Kate Winslet! So fill me in who is she???? Is that who you think I resemble...and don't laugh too hard:) ps.thanks for your sweet and encouraging words yesterday you rock!

Amy K said...


Hi!!! I typed your name into yahoo and your blog came up - scary, but I'm so glad! It has been fun for me to read, you have always been the best writer. Congrats on your baby- last we talked you had 2. Your little girl looks just like you! I would love to catch up. Lets talk!

Amy Knudtson

Sara said...

Ummm seriously, you are so funny! I just read back a couple posts and each one was as funny as the last one- I found you through Kates blog. Weren't we counselors together at AFG? I couldn't quite tell from your picture. Anyhow, I hope you don't mind me coming back often for a laugh. THanks!:)

Jen said...

Yeah, I'm with Melissa. At least you're not boring old Elisnore. Though my husband did photoshop his own face into the cover of the Colin Firth P&P to hilarious(though sacrilegious) results. So even if I'm not Elizabeth, at least I can be married to my own Mr. Darcy.

Jordan & Lindsey Ohlson said...

You must not know your Jane Austen very well...b/c it was obvious which pick came from which I am sure you rigged the thing the way I was totally Elizabeth Bennett and I didn't even say I wanted to be Jennifer Ehle or Keira Knightley. I can't stand Keira's jutting jaw.

Adrienne said...

Who knew I was witty and a lone beacon of reason in a sea of ridiculousness?!?! I'm pretty sure I cause the sea of ridiculousness! But I am flattered to be told by my computer that I am Elizabeth Bennett, all I have to do is picture Mr. Darcy adoringly watch me play the piano and I nearly blush! Thanks for passing on the link!

PS I can't picture you throwing yourself onto the floor in a fit of drama!!

Leisha said...

I surmise that most are not being honest in their Austen heroine quiz! P.S. I just saw an incredible documentary about Jane. My husband went running and screaming from the room...but, it was good.

tiger lamb girl said...

Omg, I came out as Elizabeth Bennet. Who woulda thought!

And, I'm being totally honest with my quiz.

Heidi - you crack me up. Yeh, I remember Catherine Morland. LOL:).

Katie said...

I am so depressed. I took the quiz and I am also that lame Catherine Moreland. So what if I'm dramatic and naive. Who isn't secretly wishing to be Elizabeth Bennett. That quiz is bunk. Okay, so if I never blog about your tag it is because I can't think of six quirky things. I am still thinking so you may see it yet. I'll have to ask Ricky.

Holly said...

Elinor Dashwood. And while I would have loved to have been Elizabeth, Elinor is pretty much right on the money for me!

Brooke S said...

Thanks for a little Jane in my day. You make me laugh.. I would like to think of my self as Elisabeth Bennett but alas I am Elinor Dashwood. I am the eldest and probably give to much advise to my sisters. I am practical but not circumspect. Unlike Elisabeth I don't have ridicules mother and sisters but I have been asked out in my past by more than one Mr Collins and had to reject a few. Did say yes in the end to a man who enjoys Jane Austin as much as I do. He is my Mr "F" so sweet and constant a huge romantic.. I like Elinor married for love not money.

Thanks for the great distraction today.