Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Blogger for All Seasons

You know, when I first started blogging I visited someone's blog and they had this wonderful little zippy application that rated your blog on reading level. Super! I thought. Just what I need to feel good about myself! I bet my blog is on a graduate level. Because I'm optimistic and egotistical like that. Well, I was wrong.

Mine was on a high school reading level. I was mortified. How could that be?

But, like I said, you can't keep me from feeling pretty good about myself for very long. So, I kept on blogging, throwing in words like joie de vivre, talisman, and soporific (I don't know if I actually used soporific, but the point is I could have because I know what it means!). All the while, I'm secretly thinking, The next time we meet again, little website reading level rater, I'll be waiting. And this time, I'll be ready.

So this week, I found it again. And this time, I was supremely confident. After all, I'd used soporific.

This was my result.

blog readability test

Movie Reviews

WHAAAA? (Hmmm. Maybe it's things like Whaaa? that cause a junior high reading level? Note to self: Use standard spellings. Don't try to be funny with non-standard crap anymore.)

So, I've stewed about this for almost a week. WHY, OH WHY, would it say that my blog is on a JUNIOR HIGH READING LEVEL? Is it all the posts about diaper changing?

But today, I've finally found a way to turn this into a compliment. This is my primary coping strategy when I'm faced with insults like the above. I think about it and think about it and think about it until I finally can figure out some way that I can turn the insult into a backhanded compliment. See? Lots of self-esteem.

I think that I'm just SO accessible. It's such a compliment that I'm really a blogger for all humans (I don't know, are junior high students still considered human? I have my doubts, but work with me on this one.). I'm so happy that I'm a Blogger for All Seasons. It's such a compliment. Really, I'm totally at peace with this now. I'll let it go and stop using words like soporific in a manic attempt to up my readability. It's kind of like golf: low is the new high. I wouldn't want to limit my wisdom and insights to just the Mensa crowd.

Take your genius rating and shove it, crappy readability rater! (Also note to self: stop using the word crap. It just sounds like a junior high school student.)


Melissa Bastow said...

I'm pretty sure no Jr High kid is going to know what soporific means. And I say that mostly because I don't know what it means!! So....that either makes me dumber than a 8th grader, or the blog reading level isn't exactly accurate. I say we totally go with the second one!!! (That, and I need to stop watching Sesame Street with my kids and maybe pick up a few the dictionary.)

Amy said... I can put away my dictionary. While I appreciate a challenge every now and again I also like to read and not need to highlight a word and open the dictionary:) Your blog is the most entertaining ever and I'd like to think that I am part of the reason you even started it:) me the talent scout.
You know my readability would be pre k...with all the dot dot dots I use.

kelly said...

I also thought my blog would be rated much higher than it was...but to my disgust, I am at an elementary school level.
Be proud of your rating!

I've decided to call mine, "Family Friendly"

Jen said...

I felt mildly devastated (though not necessarily surprised) that my sister-in-law's blog (who majored in music) was at genius level, and mine (I, who graduated magna cum laude-whatever that means-in ENGLISH!) fluctuates between Jr. High and High School, too. I'm glad you worked this out for all of us. I am in a lot happier place now. You're the best. (Did I use enough parentheses? I'm really not sure.)

The Rookie said...

I identify completely. My little "I have a knack for writing" ego made that bursting fart noise balloons make when the air is let out the day I discovered I too was at the high school level. I think we should, by all means, chock it up to readability and accessibility. Is it my fault I think writing should be coherent?

Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way.

Jill said...

Do they have a preschool rating? I might rank there.

Jill said...

I just checked. I have an elementary school rating.
Better than expected!
I also checked the level of some of my other favorite blogs, and they are all elementary also.
Basically out of all the blogs I read, you have the highest rating.

Valerie said...

Wow, I don't even want to know how mine is rated. I think your blog is absolutely fantastic. Mine (compared to yours) must be at like a pre-school rating, if there is such a rating.

Valerie said...

Okay, so my curiosity got the better of me. I went and checked my blog and it came back as a reading level of "Genius." Go figure! Just thought I'd rub it in. :)

Yvonne said...

I'm just so impressed with your comments about your coping strategy. (Something I totally lack)

I've been here a couple of times and I am so impressed with what I read.

Great job. (My blog is high school level--not at all surprised)

D said...

Just because a junior high student could read the words doesn't mean that they would understand the subtle nuances and wonderful humor. When I was in elementary school I tested as reading at a high school/college level but that doesn't mean that I would have understood The Great Gatsby or any of those wonderful classics. Your blog is just too smart for the test. :)

Sara said...

Dang girl you are funny! Just the other day I was like all, "I need to find me a funny book to read!" and then I discovered how hilarious you are- I am very entertained- is it exhausting being so brilliant? Also, I checked out Justin Taylor and love his art- crazy thing is, he is friends with my sisters husband, Jessie. I think next we'll find out that we're long lost sisters seperated at birth:)

Julia said...

I, too, see this as a compliment to you. It just means that you are ready for publication. Bestsellers, I might add. After working for years at your writing craft, you're ready. And from what I hear from your sister, there's a book ready for print :)

Heidi said...

Valerie--I hate you. No, I don't, I'm just kidding! Wow, you're a freaking genius.

D--I still think Gatsby is one of the most delicious books I've ever devoured.

Sara--you have no idea. I go to bed at 9:30 every night and still feel exhausted when my kids drag me out of bed. I'm sure it's the brilliance, not the children.

Julia--I'm still stuck at Christmas and I intended to have a prairie fire (which is one of my criteria for an excellent romance novel), so it's not quite ready for publication. Sadly.

Lippy said...

Hmm, in some countries, a junior-high school reading level is pretty advanced!

I think I would tend to agree with your assessment, that your writing style makes you accessible. But if I'm not mistaken, the program that is behind that app judges things as ease of reading, correct use of grammar, in short, easy to understand.

I rationalized that well, I hope, because mine was rated the same as yours! :)

Whatever the case, this is a great blog, and I'll see you at recess!

ajhcreative said...

Well it is no wonder I relate so well to children because yeah, I am so elementary. Probably because I don't pay attention to grammar when I am typing at 1 a.m. like I am right now! :)

That is why i was an art major, no need to be perfect in english or math! But I love your blog, you know you always make me laugh!!!

Carol said...

Heidi, I also achieved junior high level readability. But I saw that nifty tool also can tell you the intelligence level needed to read your Facebook profile and for that where not an ounce of intelligence is required I scored genius level!

Amy said...

I was junior high level and I am so thrilled:) because I don't care about grammar and love to use the dot dot dots....I secretly always wanted to be like you:) yaya!

Leisha said...

As my secret boyfriend Harry S. Truman would say..."Why use $40 words when a $2 word works?"

Take THAT reading level blog thingamabobby!

Amanda said...

While I'm sure that some of these intelligence'o'meters are 100 % accurate I'm also pretty certain that some of them are decided by 2 people doing rock, paper, scissors in the background...which is NOT unscientific, for the record.

I guess that my reading level is at a junior high level because I thoroughly enjoy your blog...:)

carl b smith and marilyn said...

NOTE: I have raised 8 children all of them have passed through the Jr. High School level of "understanding", although some question remains as to the ability of that age group to understand much of anything, and so may I suggest that a rating of Jr. High Level would actually be equated to a genius because it was apparent to me that it took a genius to communicate with my kids at that level, Heidi being one of them!
Heidi's dad/expert/ingrown toenail guru.

Bisel Family said...

you are cracking me up. seriously. I think my score would be preschool level. I think all I say now days is..."do you need to go potty?"...does your tummy hurt?, do you have a boo boo? I'm not even at Junior High. Heidi, you are the bomb, and I am sure if you wear a little feather boa, you will survive. love ya,

Queen Elizabeth said...

Look in the mirror and say, "I am a good person {blogger}!" over and over again. And then hug yourself ;)

Cherylann and Mike said...

If you make your blog private, you automatically get the genius setting. So go private for a minute and become a genius instantly.

Heidi said...

Oooh. That one might be worth it, just for bragging rights. AWESOME! (note to self, quit saying AWESOME!)

Sharon said...

OH.MY.WORD. I just checked mine and it was rated "Genius"! Surely it's just a random generator, it can't possibly be truly rating your blog. Can it? Oh well, I'm going to put it on my blog anyway. Might be the only time in my life someone calls me a Genius!! LOL

Sibri said...

Mine's elementary! I guess that is like the English Primary???

I like to think of it as Universal! ;0)