Friday, February 1, 2008

Jesus STOLE my pants!

I love kids. I love my kids even more than I love everyone else's kids, but I gotta say, there's something refreshing in watching someone else's child besides your own being sassy or making serious social gaffes. Because with your own child you feel obligated to correct them and make them apologize and stuff, but with other people's kids you can just shake your head and laugh at how absurd they are.

This is one of my favorite nieces (this is not that hard as I only have TWO nieces, and twelve nephews):

Although her mother will probably kill me for publishing this photo (it was the only one I had, Ginnie, sorry!), she is the most DARLING girl ever. Did I mention she is sassy, too?

When Ciera was about three years old she came downstairs sans pants. Totally pantless.

"Ciera. Go and get your pants back on, please." My sister Ginnie is an excellent mother. See how she said please first?

"Mom. I can't." Ciera said matter-of-factly. "Jesus came and stole my pants."


"Jesus came and stole my pants," Ciera said, looking Ginnie directly in the eyes, totally straight-faced.

"Ciera, do you remember how we talked about how we have to tell the truth and we need to be honest?"

"Mom, I am being honest. Jesus came down into my room and took my pants."

"CIERA." Ginnie was fairly certain that there has been no miraculous depantsing in Ciera's room. "GO TO YOUR ROOM AND DON'T COME BACK UNTIL YOU PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON!"

Ciera looked at her mom with exasperation for a moment. "Oh, fine!" she finally responded and stomped up the stairs, very put out. She came back down later with her pants on.

I love that little girl. If it were Veevs I'd feel obligated to talk to her about what it means to tell the truth and how Jesus doesn't steal things and how we have to listen to what Mommy says and all sorts of crap like that. But since it's my niece and I'm not going to be held accountable if she ends up in prison or anything (she won't, of course), I can just laugh and enjoy her quirky personality.

I think I might start using that line. "Jesus stole my pants." You just can't find a better reason to go without pants than that, can you?


Sarah Anne said...

Crack me up.

I don't think there is a better excuse than that.

Can I use that excuse for undone laundry and projects?

Heidi said...

Nice one. You have my permission.

Of course, I'm not sure I'm the authority on pious observance.

Jen said...

I'm too afraid of lightning bolts and deep voices from the sky to use that one now that I've been baptized.

I recall feeling vaguely disappointed that I had to be good from then on. We should baptize at 30. Or later...

Sue said...

Ha! Clever kid. That story is priceless.

I tagged you for a meme, by the way. :>

Charlie said...

Hi. Thanks for the comment and the compliment! Something that I personally believe is that foreigners sometimes get accomodated. They stick to people who speak their language, they watch TV channels from their country, etc. Me, I dove right into the American culture. It also helped that no one in my work speaks Portuguese, so if I wanted to understand and be understood, I had to learn English. ESL classes were also very helpful...


Julia said...

Hi- Ginnie's friend here ... she recommended your site as funny, which I totally agree. I'll probably be checking it like 3 times a day, just for your secret tracking info :)
We love Ciera. Actually my daughter is obsessed with her, in a friendly, not strange 5 yo way. Thanks for the story!