Saturday, December 15, 2007

Serial Killers

I dreamed last night that some of Veev's friends were serial killers. And we were the next family on their list.

Veevs and her friends are four years old. You might be thinking I laughed when I woke up from this dream. Nope. I shivered in bed and pawed at Rhett (who was so doped up on Tylenol PM that he didn't notice) and whimpered like a baby. Frankly, I was terrified for a good hour.

I think maybe I should stop watching CSI. I have an overactive imagination and an inability to distinguish fiction from reality, and thus, these things just prey on me.

Although, who knows? Maybe it's a warning? Maybe a premonition? Maybe Veevs' four-year-old friends really ARE serial killers. Maybe we should buy an alarm system.


Amy said...

maybe "cereal" killers...
unlucky charms, fruity rock pebbles, kicks!

Sue said...

Ha ha ha ha - step AWAY from the remote :>

Leisha said...

I feel you. My husband laughs at me because I will self-righteously walk out of a violent movie, but then watch "Forensic Files" about horrific deaths and the excruciating details of the aftermath. I think your dream is just telling you to take a break from 4 year olds, lol!

mandy Holcomb said...

that is great, funny how something that sounds so silly when you explain it can be so scary in your mind! I agree with Leisha you must be stressed time for a girls lunch or something!