Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Joy!

I've totally figured out the secret to having a peaceful, restful, non-stressful holiday. Here's my list of holiday tips:

1) Don't accept any invitations to go anywhere. I don't have any holiday plans whatsoever, and I'm SO glad. I mean, except I have a thing tonight. And of course, another one this weekend. And then one on Christmas Day. And one the day after. But aside from that, I didn't make any plans at all.

2) Never volunteer to do anything. I totally never do--except of course, I did bake a ham for the church Christmas party, and I did watch a few kids while their parents went Christmas shopping, and I am bringing food to each of the aforementioned gatherings. But other than that, no volunteerism. Period.

3) Wrap all your presents as you buy them. I totally did this, and I'm totally done with wrapping. Well, except for the pajamas that my kids have to open on Christmas Eve, and Santa's gifts to me (which include a glam new set of pots and pans), and my gifts to Rhett. Totally done, right?

4) Don't overdo traditions. You know, you don't have to do everything. And it doesn't have to be extravagant. We have no holiday traditions at all. Well, except we do a Twelve Days of Christmas service tradition. And we act out the nativity. And we make goodies to take to our neighbors and we make Christmas sugar cookies for us to get fat on. Aside from that, NO TRADITIONS!

5) Never, ever, EVER tell your kids that you'll do anything extra like make reindeer candy canes for every kid in their class. This is how traditions get started, and do you really want that pressure?

Actually, while writing these holiday tips I've realized that I still have a ton of wrapping to do and I have a gourmet salad to whip up for my thing tonight. I also haven't made our Christmas cookies yet. So, why am I wasting time? I have to move it if I'm going to get everything done before Christmas.

Hope your holidays are happy, joyous and PEACEFUL!


Jen said...

Hey, blogging is not wasting time. It is an extremely profitable way to spend one's time. Just ask me.

I hope your cookies, salad, and kajillion other Christmas things turn out splendidly.

Jenny said...

blogging is wasting time? no wonder i'm so far behind on my christmas preparations. :) however, tonight i am going to bed early instead of posting. i'll just check a blog or two first . . . :)

Amy said...

how funny ru? I love the 12 days of christmas service thing...that is awesome. merry christmas

Jill said...

I like your tips!
Blogging is not wasting time, I prefer to think of it as therapy. Free therapy.
Here are a few tips of my own.
When your kids are old enough, teach them how to wrap presents. My 9 year old has done all of the wrapping this year.
Don't send Christmas cards. Or at least try to get them done by the end of November. Don't wait until the 21st of December to start addressing them. (can you guess what I'm doing today?)

Karin said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! It is crazy having Christmas without snow. Even though this is one of the first years in awhile Utah is actually pretty white for the holidays. Anyway, you sound busy. Get to work! :)


Leisha said...

Amen Sista! P.S. Guess who was up last night making 50 reindeer candy canes? Shhhh!

Mandy said...

love that, we say we won't but we always do too much during the holidays, but isn't that what makes them so great?