Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Even More Rhett

I believe many of you will remember my husband's propensity to strip down whenever the opportunity arises. Many of you made comments that he would be embarrassed when he read that particular post. Trust me, he was not embarrassed. Ecstatic, maybe. Proud of himself? Definitely. So please don't think I'm exposing his deepest, darkest secrets. If anything I'm boosting his ego.

Along with my fear of crocodiles, I also have a mild fear of the dark. Especially things that rustle in the dark. Or you know, just the dark. Rhett thinks it's HILARIOUS, so he often will try to freak me out by turning off the lights and laughing like a homicidal maniac, or by rustling around in bed when I turn out the lights at night.

So a few months into our marriage, I wasn't really surprised when he started rustling around when I turned off the lights. I gathered my courage (because it really does freak me out) and half-ran/half-leaped into bed (for some reason all my fears center on what lurks underneath my bed). Once there, I nestled in, and leaned over to kiss Rhett goodnight.

I reached out for his cheek to orient myself so I didn't end up, oh, kissing his nose or something, when I realized this was a different kind of cheek from what I was expecting. It was much smoother, a little bit like a baby's bum . . .

All that rustling? It had been him, dropping his drawers, and realigning his bum on the pillow, in the hopes that I would kiss his rear end before I went to bed. Totally disgusted by what almost was, I smacked his bum. He laughed hysterically.

Just remember, he's proud of this kind of behavior before you censure me for posting his deepest, darkest secrets. For him, there's no such thing as a deepest, darkest secret.

Anyone else wondering why I love him so much?

I think it's because he makes me laugh every day. . .


Sue said...

Hilariously disgusting. Your husband sounds fun. :>

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Very funny.
And if he goes out of his way (like that) to make you laugh everyday --- that's pretty cool.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Leisha said...

Love it. What a goofball...that kind of humor smooths out the rough patches of life.