Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rhett's Refrigerator Drama

I had a friend and her kids over for lunch today. I TRY to make something a little bit more substantive for the adults (although last time she came we had macaroni and cheese from a box) so last night I killed myself in the kitchen preparing a crockpot recipe. I know, I know, there's no such thing as a difficult crockpot recipe, but you have to factor in my almost complete ineptitude in the kitchen.I decided that I would just store it in the fridge and plug it in this morning when I got up to nurse baby Wristy (at 5:00 a.m., my self-pity insists that I add). So I put the crockpot container in the fridge and came upstairs to blog and laze about.

Rhett came home from one of his finals. "Hey!" I yelled down. "How did your final go?" Because while I'm totally interested, I'm not interested enough to go down the stairs.

"Fine!" He yelled back, also interested in this conversation but too lazy to have it face to face. We really should have used our cell phones.

A few minutes later, he yells up, "Heids, is this crockpot cooked?"

"No!" I yell back.

"So, should I make myself throw up?" There's a little bit of panic in his voice. I'm still wondering how the raw onions, garlic, and bell peppers didn't clue him in before he ate a few bites.

I wish I would have said yes, instead of telling him that the chicken had been pan fried before being put in the crock pot.

Because I'm totally one of those wives.


Tiger Lamb Girl said...

You totally should have told him 'yes'! lol

But then you woulda been looking after a man-tummy bug all day. And that's no fun.

Men are so hold-my-hand and spell-it-out-for-me sometimes, aren't they. *rolling my eyes*

Addie said...

You should've just said yes Heid's I know for sure will have eaten worse than that on his mission.

Jen said...

I love how men are like: eat first, ask questions later.

Karin said...

I wouldn't have let himself think he was sick either... boys are the biggest babies when they are sick! We have to suck everything up because they'll go to work regardless and we still have the kids to take care of.

It's good to be back to reading your blog. You make me laugh every time!

Leisha said...

Sounds familiar...does your husband also eat things out of the fridge and then ask later if it was "good?" Bleck...