Thursday, December 27, 2007

1 Teether and 2 Teasers

Little Wristy is teething his first two teeth. Yes, he's a late bloomer, as he's now nine months old. Yes, he has lots more teeth to go, so I really should brace myself. Yes, I'm sure he's less grumpy than a four month old teether. But, he still ain't no party.

Add to this grumpy little teether, two BIG teasers.

Here's what lunch sounded like today:

Wristy: Waaah! Waaah!

Veevs: Mom, Spe has his leg on my chair.

Mom: (without turning around) Spe, get your leg off Veevs chair.

Spe: Ko-kay.

Mom peels one clementine exactly, before this occurs:

Spe: Waaah! IVY! NO!

Mom: (now turning around) Veevs, get your leg off Spe's chair!

Veevs: (in her whiny voice that she seriously must practice in bed at night, because it's THAT whiny) Mom, he keeps putting his leg on my chair.

Mom: Why are you telling me this? You keep putting your leg on his chair, so I don't have a lot of sympathy right now, sis.

Veevs: Spe, please get your leg off my chair.

Spe: Ko-kay. (Spe is very compliant, but he keeps putting that leg back whenever he thinks she's not looking. He's a sneaky little tormenter, my Spe.)

Spe: NOOOOO! Waaaaah!

(You do remember that Wristy is crying throughout this whole deal, don't you? I, unfortunately, cannot forget.)

Mom: (starting to lose it) Veevylyn! (I use this nickname when I'm REALLY serious!) Get your leg off your brother's chair! Or I'm going to come stick my legs on BOTH of your chairs!

Spe: Noooo! Waaah!

Veevs: Nooo! Waaah!

Wristy: Waaah!

Yes, I did just put all three of my children into hysterics. Because while Wristy may be teething, and Veevs and Spe may love to torment each other, Mom is the equivalent of a verbal taser.

After this incident, we all went and did a little quiet time in our rooms. Mom included.

Hope your post-holiday sugar letdown is more smooth than mine!


Amy said...

we are all whining over here....except she has no one but me to distract her! she is about to go to a friends for a sleepoveer though...thank god!

Jen said...

I am so excited to have another little rugrat in several months. My one and only has currently discovered a high-pitched whine that sounds like a balloon with a tiny hole, which sound causes my husband to ask, "Sprung a leak, Grace?" It's de-lightful.

Leisha said...

Welcome to my world woman, welcome to my world.