Sunday, December 2, 2007

I don't want to scare anyone. But I think I'm metamorphosing. Into Quasimodo.

I woke up a couple of days ago, and one of my eyes was a little puffy, a little more closed than the other one. No big deal, although the lady who does my hair asked me if I had pinkeye (rather nervously, I think) and another lady kept staring at me as though I were a pirate who would soon abscond with her children. But still, it wasn't that bad.

However, yesterday morning I seriously became Quasimodo. One eye is practically sealed shut now. It's not itchy, it's not red, it's just puffy. Really, really puffy. I didn't go to church today, not because it hurts or itches, but because sheer vanity won't allow me to expose myself to that much ridicule (at least not after the hairdresser incident).

I should probably just pull out Veev's pirate patch from Halloween. Or stay indoors for an indefinite amount of time until it goes away. If it ever goes away. What if I'm Quasimodo forever? And what if Rhett decides to exploit my good nature and becomes obsessed with a gypsy girl and then I have to save the gypsy from Rhett's licentious advances by swinging through the city on ropes with the gypsy girl, who of course will be buxom and beautiful, strapped to my back? See why I'm worried?


Adrienne said...

So I have been pretty out of the loop with blogging lately, but I just got on yours, read your past like 5 posts, and got the best laugh. Seriously, where do you come up with this stuff? THat microphone post singing Kenny Rogers? That is LAUGH OUT LOUD funny...especially since you were like what, 20-something?

You crack me up, puffy eye or not.

oh and ps. I still, to this day, actually enjoy giving talks in sacrament meeting for the SOLE reason of getting to use the microphone. I love to adjust it while I speak...what am I, 12?

Katie said...

There is hope! That totally happened to me once...It's caused by too much blogging and making others laugh too much.

Hope it clears up soon! (wink, wink! No pun intended!)


Oh, and thanks for the nice compliment on my blog. I'm glad I faked you out!

D said...

Hey, How are you? I was your student teacher at PG when Ivy was born. Hope you don't mind me visiting your blog- I was wondering what you were up to now and so I did an internet search on your name. It came up with a bunch of Heidi Hadleys that ran marathons and a comment that you left on Justin Taylor's blog- from there I found your blog. :) It is quite a fun read. You can check out my blog at to see photos of my small fam and what we are up to as well.

P.S. hope your eye gets better soon- it is kind of important...:)

Amy said...

hope your eye gets better soon...too bad you are not nursing or I would tell you to squirt a little milk in your heals everything;)

Leisha said...

What the...? I wonder what's wrong with it? I saw your hubby going into church yesterday and I figured you were still battling those migraines you mentioned. Well, at least it isn't red or itchy!

Heidi said...

Leisha, I'm loving that you remember Ivy's "What the . . .?" Went to the optometrist today who referred me (actually he called and made the appointment for me, I might add) to an ophthalmologist (seriously, did you know it was spelled that way? I didn't--and I'm usually an ace speller.) and now I have to go get an MRI. I was really just hoping to wear an eye patch for a few days.

Sibri said...

What's Pinkeye?

Heid, hope it clears up very soon. I had a mental image of you, laying majestically on a satin bed, wearing a sun visor, sunglasses and have all the curtains drawn!

Seriously, hope all is well x