Sunday, January 6, 2008


My dearest brother, Josh, is not only totally sexy (and I mean this in a totally sisterly love sort of way) and concerned with the education of young minds, but he is also extremely talented.

Some people wish they could play the piano the way he does, but I simply wish I could invent new words and introduce them into our family lexicon the way he does.

A few examples:

moint = the taste of milk

sexanasty = sexy + nasty (As in, you see someone dressed really slutty and you say, "Wow, that is one heck of a sexanasty outfit."

janky = I can't quite define this one. You know it's not good, because it ends in 'ky'--no good word ends in 'ky' (I wish to remind you of the words skanky, lanky, and manky). It's kind of an all-purpose nasty adjective. A car can be janky (for example, an El Camino with ripped upholstery, peeling paint and fluffy dice hanging from the window). A person can be janky (I'm not going to pick on the Spears sisters. They've suffered enough). Some variants on the word include: jankified, jankety, and janked. It's a very versatile word.

I just love my brother Josh for introducing these words and more to our family. I feel like we can more precisely express our feelings because of these words.

On the down side, my husband has taught our two-year old Spe to say "Jankety-jank, Don't be a SKANK!" (To the tune of "Yakity-yak, Don't talk back!)

When I protested, my husband looked at me innocently. "I thought you would approve of his anti-skank stance!" Oh, right. Carry on then!

Josh has left me such an enduring legacy.


Adrienne said...

Oh Josh....the word nasty will forever hold a place in my heart because of hearing you and Josh say it back forth to each other.

He is a clever, clever boy....even if he does play the organ for a living. :)

Sue said...

Ha ha ha ha - Jankety Jank, Don't be a skank - that's SO becoming part of my new vocabulary. I should no better than to drink coke when I look at your blog. DANG it.

Leisha said...

Moint... exactly! I've been trying to put a word to that taste!

Ah-ha! I've been wondering why 'Spe' has been teaching that tune to the kids in nursery during my singing time! (I kid. I kid.)

Your brother sounds sexanasty (in a good way?)

Celia and Scott said...

Like Adrienne, I have very fond memories of the word "nasty" and also would like to give a shout-out to the Smith family phrase, "to the max!" Ah, the glory days when we were all young, crazy cousins, runnin' around, playing steal the bacon, bursting into tears when Daniel and Spencer made us cry, etc. (sigh) I'm so glad I'm older -- except for the fact that I don't get to see my cousins more often.

But thank heavens for blogspot, right?!?

What is that janky brother of yours doing nowadays anyway? (Would he mind if I use "janky" as a term of endearment? Kind of like I use the word "doofus?")

bill, katie, and co. said...

Of course he uses those funky words! He's YOUR brother!

Jen said...

What a fabufunny talent that I obviously don't share.

Jill said...

That word will definitely be a new part of our family's vocabulary!
At least until my kids use it to describe my cooking.

Mandy said...

Love it, so is everyone in your family so creative??? I am taking sexanasty, that is a great word. He sounds like a lot of fun, just like his sis.

Dan said...

Josh also invented the word: Compshra (sp?). In 2nd grade he told me that it means 1 million in Chinese. I argued with him about it for hours. I waited 14 years later to ask him about it again. He forgot what it meant and I reminded him of our debate 14 years earlier. I knew he was lying and my patience paid off big time. That was "to the max".

Heidi, you shouldn't give away all of our family secrets. "Sexanasty" is kind of sacred. I also like his latest name..."Nastastasia."