Tuesday, January 8, 2008

If Music be the Food of Love . . . STARVE ME!

Can I tell you a secret?

I don't really like music. Honestly. I just don't really like it. I would rather sit in silence with my own (admittedly fascinating, random, entertaining) thoughts than listen to someone else sing. Unless it's Kenny Rogers. I could listen to Kenny Rogers all day long.

Rhett, on the other hand, loves loves LOVES music. He puts his janky music on in our minivan when we are all together as a family and eventually I'm like, "Seriously, can we turn this crap off? Because it's giving me a headache."

I don't know anyone who doesn't like music as much as I do. Especially in high school I was so stymied when new acquaintances would say, "So what kind of music do you like?" as though it would be a way that we could bond together. What? I would clear my throat and try to think up a response that didn't sound too geeky ("Oh, I listen to classical music exclusively--I love the Romantics!), or too weird ("I don't listen to music much. Mostly socially, really.") or too bizarre, ("Honestly, I just love Kenny Rogers, you know that old, overweight singer who sings old country songs, and sometime in the future will become more plastic than Barbie."). I tried to pretend that I liked all the groups that everyone else did, but I seriously just didn't get it. I still don't.

Rhett can't understand it. He can't understand why I was less than thrilled when he played Metallica during our entire honeymoon. He can't understand why I would EVER ask him to turn off Dave Matthews Band (for Rhett, this is like someone turning off a DIRECT LINK to God). He also can't understand why I would call Smashing Pumpkins CRAP. Because to him, this stuff is like ambrosia.

Just so you know, I keep my computer on mute. Because I can't stand to hear everyone's songs that they have posted on their blogs. It gives me a headache to try to read and listen at the same time. It's not you, it's me. I promise.


Amy said...

oh this is where we differ! music is my life...that is why I always have it on my blog. It is soundtrack to my life.

But on the other hand I can completely understand why you wouldn't like it. If we were all the same life would be boring! good post!

D said...

I like music but I have my computer on mute because I hate listening to the music on people's blogs. :) Let it stay the soundtrack to their life- not mine. Since I have the power of mute they have the right to broadcast it as much as they want though.

I'm not a huge follower of bands and music groups. There are songs I like and songs I don't but I am not too discriminatory. I was never much of a groupie though and wouldn't know how to answer the "what music do you like?" question either. When I was in elementary school I liked Barbara Streisand. You can tell I mostly listened to my parent's music (though she will always have a special place in my heart).

Jen said...

I really don't know how your heart can be filled with joy without Neil Diamond in your life.

Leisha said...

I have many sides of my personality. One side is exactly like you. (Another side loves music...) It depends on the day, really. The only thing that bothers me about the musical blogs is that the song starts over whenever I click back to the main page or I don't like the person's taste in tunes.

P.S. Jen, Neil Diamond is my secret lover (imaginary and only on a musical level, of course...)

Sarah Anne said...

This kind of makes me laugh. I remember finding out that you were a closet country music listener. Oops, is that still supposed to be under wraps?
We are complete opposites when it comes to this because I actually keep two internet windows open at the same time in order to listen to a stream of music and browse other blogs just in case they don't have music.
Have you tried listening to a little George Michael, 'Praying for time' era? love it.

Jill said...

And she believes in meeeee
I'll never know just what she seeeees in meeeeee..........

You've got to know when to hold'em,
Know when to fold'em
Know when to walk away
and know when to run
You better count your money
when you're sitting at the table
they'll be time enough for countin'
when the dealin's done

Ladeeeee, I'm your knight in shining armor and I love you,
You have made me what I am aaaaaaand I am Yours.

My daughter just left the room. Apparently she does not like my singing.

I likes Kenny too;0)


Tiger Lamb Girl said...

I love music. Couldn't live without it. But i promise never to link music to my blog so that it plays everytime you - uhm - visit my blog, lol.

But I might post the odd youtube song I like. In which case you'll have to suck. It. Up. Girlfwiend.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

No Beatles?
No Elvis?
No Police or Sting?

So, just for you, coming straight off the top of my head with no reminders from anywhere:

Everyone considered him
the coward of the county...

bill, katie, and co. said...

Heidi! Only I have seen you at your greatest moments singing (and leading) little bands of young girls in songs from "Mormon Boy" and "Academy Girl" and everything on down and LOVING IT! You like music...You've just forgotten to make it part of your EVERY DAY... (or maybe that's what burst your bubble in the end about the whole music thing. TOTAL BURN OUT!...Shameful...utterly shameful!) :)

Janene said...

Heidi--you're not going to believe this, but I actually am not really into music either. I love instrumental,classic,musical,and some country music, but I have always felt it a complete waste of my brain energy to keep up with the latest and greatest modern groups/singers/songs. I had similar high-school experiences where I'd fake like I liked what they did--my problem was that I could never think of names--just phrases from some songs. I have no idea what songs are popular at all right now. My little sister gets so annoyed because I too am always asking her to turn off the "noise" in the background (especially in the car when I'd rather visit). I don't really like music in the car unless I'm by myself and NPR isn't on. So anyway, I'm right with you girl! ;)