Tuesday, January 8, 2008

In the Chair

Yesterday I had my dentist's appointment. I try to go every six months as recommended, but I believe my average time between appointments is more like two years. But that's pretty much six months, so I don't sweat it. I did, however, spend a lot of time with the hygienist, listening to the scrape, scrape, SCRAAAAAAPE across my teeth of her little tool thing. It was awesome.

A few facts you might be interested to know about my teeth, that I was reminded of during this visit:

I had to have four teeth removed for orthodontic work when I was a preteen. This means that, with the removal of my four wisdom teeth, I am down EIGHT teeth from what God gave us.

I still have all the sealants from my childhood pediatric dentist, Dr. Joe. This is because I would rather have pure chocolate than chewy candies like Laffy Taffys. Actually, I think I would pour a vat of pure chocolate down my throat every day if it were socially acceptable. Because I love it THAT much.

I have receding gums on two of my teeth because I can't stop SCRUBBING my teeth with my toothbrush. I just push too hard in an effort to keep clean. Now if I only put so much effort into getting to the dentist every six months, I might be better off.

After the hygienist and I discussed all of my mouth facts, my dentist breezed in to do her little check-up thing.

"These teeth look great!" she said, after a cursory poke-around with her poking tool.

"Um." I say, around the poking tool. "My brother said I had a small cavity on this tooth, here." I point with my tongue to the right, top molar region.

"Who is your brother? He doesn't know what he's talking about." She pokes again, and I can tell that I do, in fact, have a cavity there.

"He's an endodontist."

"Oooooh." She pokes again and then starts backpedaling. "Well, I think he was probably talking about this deep ridge right here. Stuff is getting stuck in here. You might want to get it filled just for that reason. Yeah, I would definitely get a filling."

Another side note from my dental files: I had a red sticker on my childhood dental file. It meant I was a BITER. My pediatric dentist always propped my jaw open with these spacer things (can you tell that I'm TOTALLY conversant in dental tool terminology?). They weren't very comfortable.

Yet whenever he took them out, I bit him again. Because I'm perverse like that.


D said...

I too had to have four adult teeth removed. I also had to have four baby teeth (molars) removed because they were not moving out on their own. The doctor who removed my teeth was appropriately named Dr. Fear. His wife was named Dr. Awesome and I think she pulled teeth too. I always thought she should have hyphenated her name when she got married so that she could be Dr. Awesome-Fear. :) I may have the exact spellings wrong but the pronunciation is correct. :)

Sue said...

I'll bet your dentist is so embarrassed. She probably thought your brother was one of those guys who just looks stuff up on Web MD. Snerk.

Sarah Anne said...

The "spacer thing" is called a 'chair'. The only reason I know this is because my eldest child now has 5 silver teeth and 4 fillings. This makes me feel like a really good mom.

Jen said...

My mom bit me once, so I have never bitten a dentist. (I won't mention that she was trying to cure a certain bad habit she thought I was forming. . . )

Jill said...

I share your feelings about chocolate.
I never bit the dentist, but my cousin did.
I did, however, bite my cousin once.

Leisha said...

This reminds me of a visit to my obgyn..."Who says you can't have children???" Um, my Reproductive Endocrinologist. "Ohhhhh, welllll, ummmmm, he's most likely right."

Oh, and I am also faithful in my every 6 month (*cough*2year*cough*) check up. Thumbs up!

monkie mama said...

What can I say, but TOO funny! Personally I'm a taffy/caramel kind of girl. Which is a super big no-no with braces. Does that stop me? Nope! I just chew super careful. *Gasp* I know! Don't tell my 'dontist on me -k-!)

Dan said...

You should change dentists...j/k. How did you know that a red sticker meant you were a biter? Did you ask him...and by the way, getting bit really really hurts.