Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Diaper Day

Once again, this is probably in poor taste. So, if you don't like hearing about my children's deep interest in bowel movements, don't read it. Here was today's diaper conversation:

Veevs: Mom, Spe has a poopy diaper!

Mom: 'Kay, Spe, let's change you.

Spe: (who has joined in the fun lately): It's little one?

Mom: Probably not, but let's check.


Spe: It's little one?

Mom: Nope, but let's change you. (Mom moves as quickly as possible, because she knows that prolonged diaper conversation is never wholesome around our house.)

Spe: It's giant one?

Veevs: Yes, it's GIANT, and it's stuck to your penis!

Mom: (Slapping the new diaper on crooked, but not caring): OKAY! Ivy, can you go get the Desitin for me? (Spe didn't really need it, but I have to separate the girl from her object of affection.)

Veevs: No, I'd rather just watch.

Mom: Nothing to see here. Let's move along. Spe, let's get these pants on you.

Spe: It's tiny one?


Amy said...

When does veevs start kindergarten?

You know some of us never grwo out of it though! thanks for the laughs

Jen said...

At least your children will talk it out with you. When I say, "Diaper change time," my daughter runs away or hides.

Celia and Scott said...

Hilarious. Henry never gets that graphic about it but by the sounds of it I should just give him a little time and he should be mimicking little Veevs' comments in no time.

Maybe they should get together and discuss the "ins and outs" of sibling poop episodes.

The Holcombs said...

That is so funny. Jaden just says "uh-oh a poo poo." or (gasp and points to his bumb) "tooties" I am impressed with Spe's concern of size of poo. Boys are fun and girls like veevs' are too hilarious.

Leisha said...

Okay Ivy and Rach are soul sisters fer sure.

Rachel is always intent during diaper changes and likes to point out where I missed some poo on J's penis. If she hears a diaper peel open she is there in a flash shouting "Is it poop or pee? Poop or pee?"