Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hey, how about that one lady . . .

Spe's Teacher: Hey, who should we have for room mother?

Assistant Teacher: Uhm, good question.

Teacher: I was thinking about that one lady, who has that really cute girl. You know, Olivia's mom.

Assistant: Yeah, she'd be great!

Teacher: Well, unfortunately she turned me down because apparently Olivia is prepping for the Miss Cinderella pageant and she's got a whole dance routine to learn.

Assistant: Bummer. Well, what about Cole's mom?

Teacher: Yeah, she turned me down too. Apparently she's working on her doctorate degree in early childhood education, and so she's really dedicating herself to her family and her education.

Assistant: So who's left?

Teacher: Uh, I think I'm going to have to ask Spe's mom.

Assistant Teacher: Oh, I don't remember her. What field trips did she go on last year?

Teacher: Uh, she didn't really ever volunteer to go on a field trip.

Assistant: Wait, is she the one that's always late to drop off and pick up?

Teacher: Yeah, she's the one in her pajamas.

Assistant: I don't know. She actually seems to be hanging on to sanity by a thread. Are you sure that you want her to be in charge of parties and stuff?

Teacher: What other choice do we have?

Assistant Teacher: Right. Spe's mom it is, then. I don't even think that kid is potty trained. Heaven help us all.

And that is how room mothers are chosen at the preschool where Spe attends.

Heaven help us all, indeed.


JustRandi said...

Election by default.
Not unlike the current situation in the country.

Melissa Bastow said...

Shoot, I have used the tardy pajama tactic to avoid responsibility in the outside community. Perhaps I should let go of the string my sanity is hanging on just to make sure I don't get elected into any positions through ANY way. Because you really don't want the crazy lady around little kids, right? Good luck being room mother!

Heather of the EO said...

Nothing makes a child feel more at home than a room mother in pajamas.

Carol said...

Despite the PJ's and inability to be punctual you will do a fantastic job and you know it.

Or else move here where there are no room mothers or expectations of parents.

Here you could just fill your life with cream doughnuts.

Jill said...

Sometimes you can get signed up for things because your daughter doesn't bother to give the note you wrote to her teacher saying that you are unable to volunteer in the classroom.

Room mother for preschool shouldn't be too bad.

Or maybe you should enter your daughter in the Cinderella pageant.

Andrea Hardman said...

Isn't there a Prince Charming pageant that could be going on? I guess you didn't think of it in time to claim it, though. And anyone who can teach English will do great as a room mother. Don't ask about my logic on that one. I just can tell about these things.

Gina said...

Were you thinking of me when you wrote this entry? Or is it for real? The names are just too....mine! Are they ok with no shows? Sorry, couldn't resist. Are we good enough friends for me to say that?

Heidi said...

Gina--oh, my gosh, I wasn't thinking of you, but you would be a good fit--SUPERMOM!

And yeah, right! What will they do when I don't even SHOW UP for the Halloween party?

And yes, we're good enough friends for you to say that.

Lauren said...

It's good to know I'm not the only preschool mommy to drop off her kid 15 minutes late and in her pj's. I'm always dragging 2 or 3 extra little ones with me too. The other mom's are thinking "oh here she comes again". I totally make them feel better about themselves though, they think "I'm not as crazy as her!"

Yvonne said...

Like they say--beggars can't be choosy ; )