Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nancy Drew . . . Where Are You?

You remember that I love Nancy Drew, right? I mean, sure I always imagined I would end up with someone more like Ned Nickerson than Jack Black, but I'm laughing and Nancy probably isn't. Not that Ned isn't great. He is. He's awesome. He's just so nice. And ordinary. And polite.

But that's not really my point. My point is that I have some mysteries around the house that I need clearing up, and I could really use Nancy Drew's help. She is such a great sleuth. Especially for an eighteen-year old. You know, the world could use more eighteen-year old sleuths. Most eighteen-year olds are worried about university, and leaving home, and how they look, and partying and stuff, but not that Nancy. She's got to keep River Heights' crime rate down. Single-handedly.

Some of the mysteries I would like Nancy to tackle:

--Where did all my lip gloss go? Are my children eating it? Should I be checking diapers more carefully? Is it too much to ask people to stay out of my make-up drawer? Seriously?

--Who colored on my laptop with permanent marker? Never mind, Nancy. I can pretty much assume it was Spe. Oh, he admitted it. See? Mystery solved.

--Why is laundry such a monumental pain? Is it child abuse to make everyone wear the same thing even if they did spill Spaghettios on it? And they did. Trust me.

And while Nancy is at it, I would really appreciate it if she could turn her gigantic mental prowess to finding a way for me to eat whatever I want without gaining a pound. That would make her absolutely perfect.

And now I will go open a new lip gloss, which will be gone in one week. It's just the effort that matters, you know.


Leisha said...

I think my children will go naked this summer because the laundry has gotten OUT OF CONTROL! I could easily do several loads a day if I was so inclined (I'm not, fyi) do mothers with 6 or more children keep up with laundry. A great mystery, indeed. said...

Ooooooh! I love Nancy Drew too! I haven't read any of her books for a long time. I wish I had time to read. Sigh... someday. Laundry is a pain! Who needs clean clothes anyway! And I understand about the lipgloss... never a dull moment!

Adrienne said...

Send Nancy my way when she's done at your house! I think Justin could really use her help. He sets something down and it disappears! It's a huge mystery and he's convinced there must be something super-natural living at our house, following him around and moving everything!! I'm sure Nancy would find that it's not because he sets things down in completely random places and then can't remember the afore mentioned random places. Nope, this is a real mystery!

Matt, Karin, and Sienna said...

I agree. I already feel like I do load after load of laundry and I only have 1 child at the moment.


PS. If you find out how to eat whatever and not gain a pound- let me in on your secret. I have Zero self control when it comes to eating.

Redhoodoos said...

Love the blog! Love Nancy Drew!

The Rookie said...

And while she's at it. Why "Grape Nuts"? There are neither grapes nor nuts.

Kelly said...

I'm pretty sure your lip gloss and my glue sticks are in the same place. But glue sticks don't even taste good.

I wanted to name my first children Nancy and Ned. I wasn't willing to go so far as to name any Bess and George, though.

Nice Blog.

Bisel Family said...

AMEN. On so many levels...mostly the chapstick and eating thing. I would love to have plenty of one and plenty of the other...but without the negative consequences.

Jill said...

I wonder if Nancy could find all of my missing spoons.
Here's a laundry hint. Color coordinate your children's clothing with whatever you are going to feed them that day.
That way, if they spill something on their clothes, it will be much harder to see.

Janene said...

We watched the somewhat new Nancy Drew movie the other night, and when we finished Dan mentioned that you had LOVED Nancy Drew growing up and that he was pretty sure you read every single one of her books. So, I wasn't surprised at all to see a post dedicated to her. Oh, and I hate laundry too.