Monday, November 24, 2008

The Lazy Gene

I don't want to say that I got my laziness from my dad, but I know I didn't get it from my mom, who makes perpetual motion seem like a commonplace reality.

I had hoped it would bypass my children.

Today, Veevs said to me, "I just wish I were an emperor so that people would feed me my food so I wouldn't have to lift it myself."

Sounds like that one has my lazy gene, yes?


Heather of the EO said...


Or just a hopeless romantic? (you know, people feeding her grapes, that sort of thing...)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Where do they get all these ideas?!

Claire said...

Hahaha... clasic. She's got a point though. Sometimes even eating is a real effort. You should get her one of those hats with the straws and just liquidise her food for her. Two cartons of liquidised food either side of her head, and she would be relieved of an enormous amount of effort..

The Rookie said...

We must be distant relatives, Veevs and me, because I am feeling her every bite along the way!

Carol said...

Marilyn is an awfully hard example to follow. I get exhuasted just thinking about it.

I plump for laziness too.

But if I were Emperer that David Beckham chap would be feeding me all my meals, most likely in a sarong. You know just cos I'd be emporer and authority rocks.

Matt, Karin, Sienna, and Sadie said...

That takes laziness to a whole new extreme. That is so funny!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Bisel Family said...

You remind me of Elizabeth Gaskell's wives and daugthers...."I'm not saying your wife is silly, I'm just saying one of us is silly, and it isn't me."

Sorry, had to quote it, I love it, and you reminded me...see it is your fault.