Monday, July 14, 2008

The One Day Sale

Macy's had their one day sale on Saturday, and man, did we have to be there.

Whilst there, I had to use a makeshift changing room with no mirror because all of the changing rooms were being renovated. This meant that I had to come out and model all of my outfits for Rhett and the kids (who all wanted to come into the tiny dressing room with me) in the middle of the madness, and then take a quick look in the pillar/column mirror. And then as often as not, I would flee back in to the little makeshift changing room because seriously why does my butt look so big in those pants?

Rhett promised the kids that if they were good they could have a treat, which actually did very little to improve their behavior, but we still got treats. Because we're teaching accountability over here.

Also, we broke the "NO STROLLER" rule on the escalators, as Wristy is some kind of crazy scared of little rooms that go up and down between levels. Rhett and I are secretly anarchists, ignoring all kinds of rules and regulations. We're bringing down the institution one little rule at a time. Next up: jaywalking.

Rhett manned the two-kid stroller on the escalator and I had Veevs in the umbrella stroller. As we went up to the top level to look at children's clothing, a ten-year old boy fell in behind our parade. As we exited he said with some amount of annoyance, "You know, you should just use the elevator. It would be a lot easier." And Rhett and I laughed because in twenty years, that ten-year old boy will be wishing he would have kept his mouth shut. There will be retribution in the form of his own children, and I hope he has quadruplets and then fourteen months later, a set of claustrophobic triplets so that he can truly experience the joy of shopping at the one-day sale with children.

But on the bright side, I really did get some deals. Like a new dress (regularly priced at $100.00!) for $20.00, and new pants (regularly priced at $60.00!) for $7.00, and a shirt for only $4.50. Even the mouthy ten-year old boy couldn't put a damper on the high I experience when I get a really good deal.

Plus, he'll get his own back one of these days.


Charlie said...

You know, I hate to burst your bubble on this one, but these so called "sales" are a scam. I have a friend that works at a large department store, and she explained to me once how it works. Basically, the day before such sale they drastically increase the prices on everything, say a sweater that normally costs $40, is marked up to $100, then put on sale for, say, $39.95. Besides, have you ever, and I mean, ever, gone to one of these stores and they were not having a sale????

Carol said...

Love just know if you were buying it in England you'd be playing double, so it's a deal regardless.

I'm SO happy you developed a love for shopping,and anarchy!

D said...

Sounds like you paid reasonable and low prices to me so ignore Charlie. And I worked at a Mervyns for a summer and they are not going to retag their whole store for a sale. Though nothing costs 100 bucks at Mervyn's either. :)

I love a good deal- they are hard for me to resist.

Jen said...

Macy's one day sales rock, I don't care what your "insiders" say. Trust me, I shop enough to know the mark-up occurs way before the one day sale! I am REALLY missing clothes that aren't tents and elastic pants. One day I too will be able to once again shop the one day sales (I did briefly consider hitting it for the kid and husband, but why?)

@my said...

gotta love a good sale and that kid will definitely get his

Anonymous said...

Great job! And great comments about the ten year old! Escalators are far more fun any way!

jennie w. said...

Wait, I'm still lost. Why did you bring your kids shopping with you?

Jen said...

The whole more frequent posting due to wireless for you is working for me. I like your posts as much as I like me a good deal. And that's a lot.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Yeah, I was an Expert Parent at ten years old, too... and at age 20... and even at age 30. Wait - no - not at 30 because that's the year I actually BECAME a parent.

Sounds like a fun day. Me, I hate crowds. I wish I could experience a sale without crowds. Yeah, that'll be the day.