Thursday, September 4, 2008

When Life Sucketh

You know, sometimes life just sucks. Usually you can pinpoint the reason, like, oh, maybe you've been thrown up on sixteen times by your baby in the last four hours. Or maybe your laundry room has suddenly exploded out into the hallway and no one has any clean underwear. Or maybe your husband left on a business trip for a week and left you home with all the children and it's that certain time, if you know what I mean. Or maybe a combination of all of those factors.

But sometimes, life sucks and you can't even pinpoint why.

That's how I feel right now. Sure, I could blame it on my baby's violent diarrhea and yeast infection in the nether regions, or I could blame it on having to get up so early now that school has started, or on the massive ant infestation I just found in my kitchen, but to be honest, I think it's more that all the mundane details above are the biggest worries on my mind.

I just think maybe the human spirit was made to tackle bigger problems than explosive diarrhea. The fact that I'm going to spend a good half a day of my life killing tiny ants just makes me feel small. And the fact that school days has now added two more hours to my already eternally long days just makes me miserable.

Hey, wasn't this post hilarious? I KNOW! I can't stop laughing either. Or maybe it's crying. Whatever.


Lisa said...

SO FUNNY!! You're a riot!

Hope you stop feeling so tiny soon. And that the baby's bum clears up, too.

Claire said...

ah, Heidi... I feel like you've just crawled in to my mind and written about me.

THough I also feel like every day is a Groundhog day of school, washing, cleaning up crap, washing, more cleaning, dinner and bedtimes. And I can't drag myself out of the abyss...

So, I'm glad that you're feeling the way you do - cos it makes me feel like I'm nit the only one who thinks that life sucks right now.

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Julia said...

Bad days are a bummer, bad weeks, well just stink. I'm sorry you're having one. Hope it gets better soon!

Heather of the EO said...

I know. I think the human spirit is made for more too. This mommy thing has so much of that "more" involved, but it gets all covered up with diarrhea and laundry.
You spoke my heart so I'm okay with it that I'm not laughing :)

Anonymous said...

Goodness...what a ROUGH DAY in the life of a MOMMA.

{hope tomorrow is better for you}

Cynthia said...

I never imagined a variable on the word sucks (sucketh). Cool word. I'm going to try to use it in everyday conversation today.
I definitely think sleep (or lack thereof) affects everything in our lives. Hope you can fit in a afternoon nap now and then.
The only thing good about life being stinky, is that is usually cycles back to being pretty darn good. Hope it goes back in that direction soon for you.

Sue said...

On those days when I'm cleaning out a poopy pair of underwear because my 3 year old (who has been potty trained for a YEAR, mind you) pooped in his pants just because he didn't want to stop playing and come inside, I think I would rather go back in time to be a mom as a rich person in Victorian England, with a house full of servants who would take care of all the gross stuff and bring me my children to play with only when they were clean and dressed in their best pastel colors. We could take a walk in the garden, have tea, and then the governess would take them away. The rest of the time I would read and stroll around and talk about important things with adults and play the harpsichord.

In other words, yeah, I get it.

AMY said...

I so get it and I know you know I get it! I hope your day improves! the vomit alone would make me lose my mind and think someone was punishing me!

Melissa Bastow said...

I'm totally with Sue. Where's the time machine?

Also, I highly recommend a nap. Unless you have to take one of the "here kids watch Dora while I completely ignore you and snore on the couch while you destroy the house and lick ants off the floor so that I wake up feeling guilty and more depressed about life" kind of naps. Because they don't really help...

So if the nap is out, I suggest a ginormous bowl of fudgey fudge covered fudge brownie ice cream with fudge swirls topped with hot fudge and possibly a cherry and sprinkles just for kicks. (Take THAT weight watching binge judgers.)

Keely said...

Huh. I think I just blogged about this. For, like, 3 days.

I think we all do. I second the nomination of chocolate-as-analgesic.

D said...

I get it. And I think all the chocolate I've been eating(as a good example for my potty training son and just because) is what has been causing my four month old's fussiness. It's the only diet change I've had. Oh well, he can suffer just a little longer while I finish up my box of swiss rolls. I'll stop eating m&ms though. argh...blah days and no just doesn't seem right.

janel said...

Thank you for saying "I just think maybe the human spirit was made to tackle bigger problems than explosive diarrhea." I agree totally. And that's why motherhood can be so hard sometimes! Because there are so many little things like explosive diarrhea (and ants and morning alarms) that make the happy life of motherhood seem tedious. Thanks for summing that up.

Beeswax said...

You don't want to go back in time. Half your kids would die of assorted diseases that are curable now. And you wouldn't have any contact lenses. Or tampons for that time of the month.

Hope your week gets better.
My baby has a yeast infection, too.
Put everyone to bed early, clean one room, and then sit in it and read a good book.

That's what I'd do, if I was you.

Gina said...


It looks like we all 'get it'! My last post sounds a lot like this one. On one hand, I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks life sucketh. On the other, so sorry you feel that way too.

Let's go get some ice cream and oreo's and eat our sorrows away!

Rob and Jen said...

Oh heidi i just love your blog i love how true it is. i just hate how people try to act like they have perfect little life and noting ever goes wrong because they married the perfect husband in the slc temple. I find your blog quite refreshing! Maybe you have heard of this blog but if not you really need to check it out it is so funny. you have to start and the beginning though or it wont make sense. Anyway thanks for the reality check! Love ya!

Carol said...

Sounds like a fun week in the Hadley household.

Has Ivy started Kindergarten this time? I have been expecting a celebratory post or something.

We had the ants at the beginning of summer. I so empathise. Hideous.

Jen said...


Melanie J said...

The human spirit might have been made for bigger things but I maintain that nothing will defeat it faster than explosive diarrhea. Especially cleaning up someone else's. You're totally entitled to feel that way. But yeah....go for the chocolate and then smile smugly in your next WW meeting.

Laura said...

Hi! I saw your blog on a blogroll ...somewhere, and had to come and visit because of the name of your blog. Where does it come from? My daughter's name is Hadley and it's not too common, so just wondering...Oh, and I am neglecting my kids and reading Mormon Mommy Blogs too, so we have something in common!

Andrea Hardman said...


Kenna said...

Wow, will you even see my comment?

Since we read each others blogs we are practically kindred souls. So comment away Heidi, I love hearing what you have to say. (Hence the fact that I blog stalk you)

I am indeed going to look at your friends blog. Hopefully Leisha doesn't mind. I love reading about people who are experiencing or have experienced what we have.

It wasn't offensive one bit. I promise I am hard to offend.

Except for your minivan post, that offended me. Apparently I'm grumpy and a Disneyland hater. And why do you have to bring my sunroof into this?

But you know I'm kidding, right? 'Cause I am, even if I never will drive a mini van. I won't need one! With one kid costing me about 33 grand, there is no way in hell i'm doing this again.

How's that for fussy?

The Motherboard said...

Yeah. My life feels like Ground Hog day too.
A lot.

And seriously. I agree with Beeswax... back in time=no tampons. Eww. Ick!

Hope you have a better week next week.