Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vacation in Vegas

I'm on vacation at my parents' house in Vegas. This basically means that I'm neglecting my children while reading novels here not at home.

My brothers and sisters are neglecting their children whilst playing the Wii. It's all just another way that we impose on my parents.

Up today: a hike! This sounds exciting if you don't know that on the hike we went on a few days ago we got snowed on. In Vegas. It's pretty cold here.

Aside from that, I probably collected thirty-five dirty looks on the plane on the way here. Jakers was inconsolable from Albuquerque to Las Vegas (even M&Ms didn't work!) and so I just smiled beatifically at the people who were looking at me like I was the worst mother in the world. I always act like I don't care that much, because hey, I don't. Seriously, I haven't slept well for five years, and you want to give me a dirty look for interrupting your hour-long nap? Give me a break and buck up, campers. And if the crying is so bothersome? Here, help me out. Jakers would love a new friend.

I'm here for three weeks, so if my posting is even more sporadic than normal, forgive me. I'm probably just reading a teenage romance novel.


This Place is a Disaster! said...

Seriously, not too long ago someone looked me in the eye and said, "I can't stand parents. . .who can't control their children." I called them a not so nice thing to their face and walked away.
People are such idiots. Didn't we all think that, "That won't be us!" Until we actually had kids of our own and realized that these things are not in your control, nor should they be!
I'd like to see someone control the amount of boogers comming out of someone elses nose. Or let them control the stink level of a diaper!

Jen said...

Ah novels. They are the light of escapism in my sleepless life as well. Happy Vacation.

Kiera said...

Have a fun vacation! I hope you had a great Christmas!! I hate it when people give you dirty looks and say stupid stuff. I flew with Audrey one time by myself and a guy came up to the row because he was sitting next to me. He looked at me, rolled his eyes and said " Oh great, this will be a long flight". I felt really stupid and didn't have enough guts like the first person who left a comment, to say anything back.

Carol said...

I just got back from a 30ish hour whirlwind trip to my mum's which included sleeping in until 12 and having a 80 minute long bath pretty much while she did everything.

Merry Christmas to me I say!!

The Rookie said...

Ooooh, please make a list of reading recommendations. As for the built-in babysitters who double as your parents, take advantage of it while you can! I'm in full support of such vacation perks. And they probably love the time with the grandkids, anyway.

Heather of the EO said...

What IS it with stupid people on planes. Next time I think I'll tell them I haven't slept in four years and then I'll add "so shove it." That will make me feel better.

Have fun!!!

Motherboard said...

People can be so rude. Gah.

I had someone, at the grocery store, tell me I should just leave my fit throwers at home... "you don't bring children like that out in public." (no. really?) I looked her squarely in the face and said: "If it bugs you so much, then change lines. I have no family around to leave her with. AND I'm here to stay. So deal with it." and then muttered under my breath something that MAY have resembled swearing and name calling. But, I'm not sure.

Happy Holidays!

bill, katie, and co. said...

so feeling the same as you while on the plane ride to slc..not so fun.

AMY said...

I love neglecting my children at my parents house, it's the best! As for the plane ride, I share your sentiments exactly. I just hope when I get old and gray I don't forget what it was like to be on a plane with small children. I'm going to be the little old lady helping the insane mom.

Claire said...

Fortunately for me, I get to neglect my kids for at least two hours on a sunday afternoon cos my folks live only 10 minutes away. But they love it, right? Well... I do. And that's what's important.