Monday, October 13, 2008

Things Which Should Bear the Title Awesome

I'm not very good at making silly/funny/amusing lists. Now, stick me in my filthy house with an index card and a pen, and I will make an eternally long list of things that need to get done. And then after I've made the list, I'll go take a rest on the couch. Because the first step is identifying the problem. I see no need to rush on to any other steps.

But anyway. I'm feeling listy tonight, so here are the things that I think are awesome:

1) Our pet chickens. They have succeeded in getting a completely free ride from us. We feed them, we water them, we let them roam free in our backyard, and then they apparently go and lay eggs somewhere that cannot be found by any human being on earth. Either that, or we have a snake that eats the eggs. Either that, or they haven't started laying eggs yet. Either that, or my kids are throwing them over the fence before I go out to look for them. Anyway, my point is, you've got to admire that kind of gumption. Seriously.

2) North and South. One of my friends just gave me this movie based on the Elizabeth Gaskell novel (NOT THE SKANKY MINI-SERIES OF THE SAME NAME! Remember that one with Patrick Swayze? I had a friend who let me watch it at her house because my mother had some pretty unyielding morality standards, which did not include miniseries made about a whole family's sex life. Not to reflect badly on my friend's mother, of course!), and it (the Elizabeth Gaskell adaptation) is pretty awesome. As a general rule, I refuse to watch movies of novels that I like but I made an exception and I'm glad. It's four hours long, and even Rhett liked it. But then, Rhett watches Pride and Prejudice with me (the six hour version) just because he likes when Bingley says, "My horse! Quick, man!" He'll rewind that over and over and over. Simple pleasures, I say.

3) Mashed potatoes and gravy. Seriously, couldn't you eat that all day long?

4) Spe. I was putting him to bed tonight when I had the strongest desire to look into the future and see what kind of person he will grow up to be (hey, fingers crossed for a Chippendales dancer! If the amount of exposure he's been flashing my way is any indication, he's got it made!). I said, "Hey, are you going to be a good man when you grow up?" Because obviously, good man equals Chippendales dancer in my book. He looked at me all funny and said, "No, I gonna be SpiderMAN." Well, maybe he can work it into his routine.

5) Orange Sprinkles. I'm not kidding, I can pretty much get my kids to eat anything as long as I sprinkle orange sprinkles on it and call it "Halloween _____ (fill in the blank)". Tonight we had Halloween Pasta. The orange sprinkles made the mushrooms look like candy. If that hadn't worked, I would have called it Witches' Nails Pasta, because don't mushrooms look a little bit like nails with a bad case of fungus? And if that didn't work? Hunger is the greatest motivator of all.

What makes your awesome list?


K and/or K said...

Baking a deliciously sinful pie tonight at 7pm and eating it still warm at 9pm with milk.

Orchids. Because I received a bouquet of them on Sept 5th and they aren't gone yet! Holy longevity!

Phone calls from a mom that doesn't sound like she is in chronic pain anymore. Will I ever get used to it? I hope not, because I want to be happy about her healing miracle for a long time to come.

Is 3 too many for a comment? :-)

Bisel Family said...

1. You

2. quilting

3. quiet time

4. my hubby

jennie w. said...

Our chickens were pretty regular egg-layers--I thought! When we moved I found about 40 eggs in a big patch of ivy under our deck. I had no idea that was going on. They never got to smelling bad.

I still miss those chickens every time I cut open a melon (they loved that seedy goo.)

Jen said...

You should list more often - you do it awesomely:)

And for my awesome list? Kids old enough to do chores. That is awesome.

Heather of the EO said...

Peeps. (the marshmallow kind, not like homies)

whipped cream

bubble gum ice cream

(hmmm, are you seeing this sugar theme. I have problems)

Peeps. (of the people variety, I really do like them, most of them)

The Ellen show (currently laughing at her hilarity)

Thinking about awesomeness. Thanks.
Your awesome list was really awesome.

Jill said...

"Any whole pie $5.95" at Marie Callender's month.

Onstar turn by turn navigation system (SERIOUSLY awesome. It gives you directions as you drive!)


Melanie J said...

As a former chicken owner, I can say that they are the dumbest animals on the planet.


Baby's slobber kisses

Good books

Chocolate covered cinnamon gummy bears

And I'm totally stealing the orange sprinkle thing. Genius.

Barbaloot said...

Fantastic list! I love that your husband loves the one line so much:)

Other things that are awesome:
-sleeping in
-the fact the HSM 3 comes out soon! (I know-I'm a nerd)

Jen said...

1. Your blog
2. My infant's fat thighs
3. Four or more consecutive hours of sleep

Claire said...

I love that you write a list of things that need done about the house... and then sit down. I do that. I have to give my wrist a rest after writing such an exhaustive list...

Jen said...

PS I heart North and South a lot.

Anonymous said...

I will never look at mushrooms in the same way. Witches nails with fungus? Where do you come up with such things?

Beck said...

I always think that mushrooms look like big squishy toes, although saying THAT would probably keep my kids from eating anything ever again.
What is awesome? My easily grossed-out kids. They are so unintentionally hilarious.

turtle said...

Ah, I want chickens! Do they have a coop or what? I vote the kids are throwing them over the fence...

Hmmmm, let's see. My list of "Awesome" things at least includes my Fiance...and probably my incredible luck at being born in the USA. Lots more, but such a tiny box!

Yvonne said...

Great list.

My list would obviously include my sweet hubby and my children and, of course, something gooey and chocolatey.

LaDawn said...

Father's and son's overnight camps. My darling husband takes the older boys to that, and I put the younger ones to bed early.

Then I eat ice cream, and get it all to myself.

LaDawn said...

I almost forgot about my funeral potatoes. They are truly awesome.

Jordan and Lindsey Ohlson said...

Can I tell you how much I miss you! And I laughed yesterday when your husband offered us a mother-in-law apartment when you return to the beauty state of Utah. Jordan painted Rhett a picture of them-old,sitting on the porch in their rockers- watching sunrises while they drink Starbucks Carmel Apple Ciders. I sure hope we are getting massages while they are doing that!

The Rookie said...

List O' Awesomeness:

1. Saying "Your Mom ... " in response to just about anything my roommate says (i.e. Roommate: "Will you clean the bathroom if I do the dishes?" ME: "Your MOM cleans the bathroom!") simply because it makes me giggle with its pure immaturity. And, lest you think me an annoying slob, I frequently clean the bathroom.

2. UEA. It is over for this year. But I loves me some UEA.

3. Yellow leaves against clear blue sky. Driving home today I decided that was one of my favorite combinations to be had in the natural world.

Ginnie Kimball said...

I own North and South and am a true fan. Love the movie.

MoziEsmé said...

Awesome list!

BTW, I've heard the secret to getting chickens to lay eggs is to leave them just a little hungry - if they get overfed they don't lay. Never had chickens, so I don't know...

I like that Orange Sprinkles trick, though it just doesn't sound so great on pasta!

Anonymous said...

Chickens with Mohawks are awesome, and so are owners that let their chickens get eaten by Dogs. Remember that Heidi Heidi ho.

Claire said...

You've been tagged!

Jen said...

Awesome things:

When Heidi posts A LOT.

Carol said...

You dead love? The lack of posts had me concerned.

Then I gave a away chocolate on my blog and you didn't participate.

Then I knew something serious must have happened.