Friday, March 11, 2011


I have not mentioned before (primarily because blog writing has been paralyzed lately by my desire to be both funny and completely inoffensive to every person on the planet--don't worry, I'm over that now.) but almost all my friends here in Montgomery are Korean women. They are all here because Hyundai has a plant here and their husbands have come to work in some related way to the Hyundai plant.

Some of the awesome things about this:

1) They make me Korean food. All the time. Seriously, my calendar is filled up with lunch dates to taste a different Korean delicacy. I like most of the food. They never want me to cook, which is kind of a slam to my cooking, yes? Also, to American food in general. I invited one of my friends to eat lunch ("lunchee!" as she says it) here, and she said, "I cook? I bring food? No, you not cook. I not eat food."). I have to say, it doesn't make me feel like my cooking is valued in the way it should be. In fact, it is just like having my own kids react to my cooking every night at the dinner table.

2) They don't really speak English, so our communication is limited. But also, very, very enlightening. For example, today my friend told me that she no understand heads of foreigns because they no think Korea people and Korea people very difficult understand. I am not sure what this means exactly but I liked the thought, and I nodded wisely as if I understood.

3) I am the token white girl. I never knew this would happen to me, but yet, here I am. And I am reveling in it.

4) They find my little red-headed baby to be the most delightful piece of human flesh ever. But then again, so do I. Do you?

That's pretty much the high points. I like my new Korean friends, and not just because they're my only friends. They are also awesome. You should try the pork. It is delicious.


Jen said...

Yes your little baby is delightful. I have always wanted a red-headed child.

This post makes me want to move outside of Utah, although Southern Utah is less homogeneous than other areas of the state.

My friend Jill loves Koreans, too, but she found them in the D.R.

Jenny said...

He is really, really cute. Was he doing something he shouldn't when this photo was taken. He looks way too happy to be behaving himself.

julie said...

Oh, your baby is SO cute! What a friend magnate, too! And I don't believe for a second that the Koreans are your only friends.