Friday, March 11, 2011

Giraffes and Such

I am sure that I am the only person still visiting this page, and even I only use it for the links to blogs, but still.

Tonight I was snuggling in my bed with sweet Veevs, who likes to have what we call "Talky Time" with me before she goes to bed. It is, in fact, time wherein we talk. Not much symbolic there.

Anyway. She had a few questions about mating, specifically, how it related to dogs. How, she wondered, could a dog get out of its own, safe, platonic backyard, pair up with a philandering mutt, and then come back pregnant with mongrel puppies? I never shy away from these questions, if I can help it, and while I am also expert at vague and not-so-informational answers ("When two people love each other very much . . ."), tonight it was clear that she wanted science, not platitudes.

So in two or three sentences I bequeathed upon Veevs sexual information that, if used in the right way, could make her queen of the playground (also, hated by other parents).

She thought about that for a minute. Wait, she said, is that the way all animals mate?

Yes, I said.

Another pause. That, she said, must be hard for giraffes.

I laughed until my sides hurt (but did not explain the finer details of the animal kingdom's prowess. Like National Geographic can't do it's share of sex education?).


Darci said...

That is hilarious!!!

Jen said...

I still read your blog. Thank you google reader!

That Veevs is such a bright child. She always impresses me.

In an unrelated note, the other day Henry came in and tattled on his superman action figure. "Mom, superman said poop." I guess Grace tattled on him one too many times, and he had to get his.

chloereeseblog said...

It's insane that I am so good at neglecting my family one blog at a time that I even still check yours...Clearly I do, and thank goodness for that. You are hysterical.