Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh, Barbie Sing-Along.

Today I found myself singing along to a Barbie movie with my daughter. Not just singing along as the movie played, because Veevs had gone to that sing-along section under the extras where they put the words across the bottom for you. Thanks, Barbie. I needed that.

We were singing to The Princess and the Pauper and if you're wondering how it is that my daughter has a Barbie DVD, well, so am I. But there I was, laying down vocals with my seven year old. Vocals like this: "If I want eggs, I snap my fingers, and the maid comes running in." I sang with joy.

After a particularly moving duet, Veevs put her little arms around my neck. Thanks, Mom, she said, I really love singing with you.

And suddenly, it really was joyful to be singing Barbie duets with my daughter.

UPDATE: Lest you think it is all joy and love and singing and Barbie at our house, this morning Veevs wailed to me upon completion of her hair, "Maaaa-uuumm. You braided it!" Like I am the village idiot. So, that's normal.


joolee said...

As a mom to four daughters who swore she would NEVER torment her darlings with the impossible perfection that is Barbie, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoy singing along to Princess and the Pauper......"Once a lass met a lad...." I firmly believe that this movie taught my oldest to sing harmony. And I got it ridiculously cheap at a garage sale:\

Melissa said...

I love Princess and the Pauper! My favorite is "there is not one hair of you that I would rearrange. I love you the way you are and that will never change." But for even more fun, check out Barbie Island Princess - slammin' lyrics:)

Heidi said...

You are my Tika, and I am your Ro.

Trust me. I know.