Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Do-Nothing Morning

This morning I woke up, and instead of taking on all my full responsibilities (breakfast, chores, blah) I felt like reading.

So I did. I read Haven Kimmel's new book She Got Up Off the Couch, and I loved it. I stayed in bed, leisurely reading. I got up off my bed whenever a child's voice got so strident that it interfered with my concentration. I got up off my bed to get everyone breakfast (cereal in a bag and an offer of a Go-gurt). I got up off my bed to wipe Logan's nose (a dozen times), and I got up off my bed to fetch some toys that would keep Logan happy until nap time. Here's the problem with my love of reading: once Momma starts reading, Momma can't stop reading until the book is finished. So, yes, I neglected my kids until I finished the book.

It was totally worth it.

My kids will look back on days like this (which I cheerfully named a "Do-Nothing Morning" and advocated liberal amounts of television) with fondness (I hope). Maybe they won't. That's okay, too. Modern motherhood, I'm convinced, would be so much more freeing and fulfilling if we would all just admit we're kind of crappy at this, save up money for our children's future therapy, and let it go.


Jessica said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I am all for do-nothing mornings/afternoons/days. Usually by the end of the week I need one.

I also can't stop reading a book until it's done. That's why I don't read much anymore--I don't usually have time during the day and I really don't want to start at night and be up until 2 or 3 in the morning.

Melissa said...

I love your blog! You have such a funny way of telling stories. At my house, the do nothing days are called mini-vacations, so the kids are happy because they are on vacation too! No one to make them do chores or eat healthy. We all just do what we feel like doing (reading for me).

Melissa Bastow said...

Oh, I'm totally on board with saving for future therapy. We should take your whole last sentence, turn it into a slogan and tour the country with it. Possibly THE WORLD. I'll book all the venues and you can do all the public speaking (because we both know your love for microphones plus my fear of being in front of people is going to make YOU the face of The Crappy Modern Motherhood movement.)

elesa said...

Oh wow, you just made my morning. Cuz I AM crappy at this! I think I'll transfer 10 dollars into a therapy savings account right now, and go and take a nap. Thanks!

Jen said...

I always get up from a book to discover that every dish in the entire kitchen is dirty. I approve this practice entirely.

chloereeseblog said...

Glad to know I'm not along in this practice.

I'm always looking for "do-nothing day" material. Make a list of your favs just for me will ya? I'm in a reading rut.