Thursday, January 20, 2011


I am now an Alabaman. Actually I think officially, I have to live here for a year to be considered a resident, but anyway. I am here. (And, unlike the governor of this fair state, I will consider you my brother or sister even if you aren't Christian. It's this kind of liberalism that gets me in trouble.)

The truth is that I like it here. When I first moved to Texas, I thought the people there were super nice and friendly (as compared to the people in Utah and Las Vegas, my previous places of residence). Holy crap, people, Alabamans make Texans look misanthropic sociopaths. Seriously, these people are so nice. (But maybe only because I'm Christian?)

We are living in temporary corporate housing (a furnished three-bedroom apartment), which is awesome, except for the kitchen, which is tiny. I am not complaining, however, because we are lucky, yes? Lots of people right here in this country would love to have our set-up, and don't even get me started on people in Africa. My point is: no complaints.

Veevs and Spe have been enrolled in the appropriate school. It is supposedly one of the best in Montgomery (and if the amount of homework Veevs came home with is any indication, it is certainly the most rigorous), so that's awesome.

Jakers and I are going to look at a preschool for him in just an hour or two (as soon as baby wakes up from his nap) and then my life will be that much easier.

I am still straightening and organizing and cramming things in nooks and crannies, but the big stuff is done and so I'm off to take a nap.

See, nothing to complain about here.


jennie w. said...

Hmm, somehow I missed the "moving to Alabama" post. I love the Southern states.

Katie Irion said...

Heidi, I can't believe you are currently living in Alabama! I really need to check blogs more often. Here I find myself with no kids and no book and no desire to watch TV or do anything productive and started searching long forgotten blogs. I'm sure glad I did. What in the world? I'm assuming you are there for Rhett's work. Why can't he be transferred to flippin' Wisconsin. Honestly!!! Ok, I'm hoping you can somehow transfer a southern accent into all your posts on Goodreads. I would love that!!

Melissa Bastow said...

And you know, saying "Alabaman" outloud, multiple times, is JUST FUN.

Even more fun if you kind of sing-songy say it.

Or yodel it.

Anonymous said...

Roll Tide.....

AMY said...

Alabama? Good Heavens, you wil fit in just like you did in "Up Heanor" my love. You didn't say why you were moving to the South though?

The Biglers said...

Aw!!! We miss you! Sending loves your way!