Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hog Wild

One of the strange things about living in this corporate housing arrangement thing is that for the first time in both of our lives we have access in our home to more channels than the basic three. Holy, holy, holy. We are so enamored with it. Why didn't you tell me there were ghost hunting shows? Shows about home improvements (WITH VANILLA ICE!)? Shows about abandoned storage lockers? Shows about Big Foot? This is amazing!

The other night we watched a couple of shows called "Hogs Gone Wild". I was mildly interested in this show, what with the plight of neighborhoods overrun with wild hogs and the night hunting with dogs. Basically the show follows three sets of hog hunters (Texas, Florida, and Hawaii) and shows their struggles as they try to trap the pigs. But when Crystal, a cowgirl in tight wranglers from Texas, launched herself on to the back of a wild hog her dog had pinned by the ear, I was fascinated. And then, y'all, I'm not kidding, it got crazy. Crystal thought that pig was fixing to put the hurt on her dog, and she reached for her hip knife (sheathed in hot pink leather, of course). She knifed that thing in the heart. It was the most primal thing I've ever seen. And I am totally hooked.

Rhett has his dirty secret (The Bachelor) and this is mine: I am hog wild about "Hogs Gone Wild." And I don't even like hunting. Or the outdoors.


Nicole said...

Random fact for the evening: A single hungry hog can eat and digest a person, minus teeth and hair, in under sixty minutes. Just thought I'd share, Goodnight...

Claire said...

I'd like to see a Hog/Bachelor mix kind of show. I'd watch that.