Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moving is More Than Just Initialing Papers. Who Knew?

Dear ones, I want to post on this blog, I really, really do. It turns out, however, that contrary to my previous post, my part of this whole moving business has expanded far beyond simply initialing papers.

Rhett said (rather dreamily), "You know, when we leave this house, I want people who are walking through here to think it could be a new home."

I can only tell you that this translates into a lot of work.

And also, why didn't you tell me that I had to practically preview every item in every room so that the movers don't end up moving empty bottles of hairspray and the like?

Also (there are a lot of alsos in this post, no?) because we are living in temporary corporate housing for about two months (or so), I have to pack for that, too.

There is a lot of unanticipated work going on here, and I have successfully sneaked away for the last five minutes, but Rhett's going to figure out that he's flying solo soon and then it's back to the grindstone for me. Good heavens, people. It's like moving is the worst thing ever!


Jessica said...

Yes. Yes, it is. I can't even remember how many times I've moved in the past ten years. I could if I tried, but I know it's more than ten. My preferred method of packing now is to get all the breakables packed right, in boxes, then throw all the rest of it in contractor-grade garbage bags and label them with masking tape. Done and done. Worked fairly well, too--the only things that got broken were the things my husband packed (and they were all mine, too, of course).

Jen said...

Moving is the worst. Good luck with that. Please feel free to move to Southern Utah at any time, though.

D said...

Moving is torture. We did it this last summer while I was 8 months prego. yuck! not looking forward to doing it again...ever.

Melissa said...

Oh, I so empathize! I HATE moving. Good luck to you!


Nicole said...

I'll trade you, you do my homework, I'll pack stuff. I've always been really good at the manual labor, not so much at school, as you know.